Brenna’s Homecoming Pictures!

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Halloween night, Brenna went to Homecoming with a bunch of her girlfriends on her basketball team. We went that morning (all last minute) to find her a dress and she picked up a couple choices but ended up wearing something completely different and I thought she looked amazing.

I straightened her hair, Chach did her makeup and Blanche styled her from head to toe (though actually, it was more Ron that picked her outfit out – I’m not lying either, haha) and our efforts really paid off because this is what she looked like.

Please excuse the fact that she was looking at everyone’s camera but not mine. Dumb child.

She’ll smile for Chach, but not for me. I’m so feeling the love.

Silly face picture because she’s a Wilson, of course there’s a silly face picture.

Group shot. I didn’t get in the way of all of the professional photographers that showed up for the group pictures. That’s why I’m in the back.

And here’s the picture of her group at the actual dance.

Brenna Homecoming 2015 I’m just barely getting to posting these pictures because Brenna finally gave me my picture yesterday. Crackhead.

How pretty is my kid though?

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