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So, I’m completely obsessed with this song. It’s such a feel good song and I have lost count of how many times I’ve listened to it at work in the last couple of weeks.

I’m not sure why I’m sharing that on this post but well, I did. Enjoy!

Currently Reading

Jock Blocked II
Jock Blocked (Gridiron #2) by Jen Frederick

She’s always played it safe…

College junior Lucy Washington abides by one rule—avoid risk at all costs. She’s cautious in every aspect of her life, from her health, to her mock trial team, to the boring guys she dates. When a brash, gorgeous jock walks into the campus coffeeshop and turns his flirt on, Lucy is stunned by the force of attraction. For the first time ever, she’s willing to step out of her comfort zone, but can she really trust the guy who’s determined to sweep her off her feet?

He’s always played around…

Entering his last year of college eligibility, linebacker Matthew “Matty” Iverson has the team captaincy in his sights. And it’s his for the taking, if he can convince his quarterback Ace Anderson to give up the starting position. Luckily, Matty already has an edge—the hottie he’s lusting over just happens to be Ace’s childhood best friend. Getting Lucy on his side and in his bed? Hell yeah. Matty is more than confident he can have both, but when he falls hard for Lucy, it’s time for a new game plan: convince the woman of his dreams that she’s not sleeping with the enemy.

I’ve read all of my February review books (well, I DNF’d one of them but more on that later) and I can finally, FINALLY reward myself with THIS BOOK! I can’t wait to dig into this one. I’m only about two chapters in but this is what I’ll be reading for the rest of the day. Matty Iverson? Come to Mama!


Against the Wall by Jill Sorenson | 4 out of 5
Dare to Run (Sons of Steel Row #1) by Jen McLaughlin | DNF
Roommates by Erin Leigh | 4.25 out of 5

My favorite read of the week is Roommates by Erin Leigh. That was such a cute NA read that was recommended by my book buddy JenB. I really enjoyed it and thought the main couple was too cute for words. I loved seeing them circle each other while they were roomies. Fighting their attraction, admitting there is an attraction and then jumping in. Such a cute story.

I also really adored Against the Wall by Jill Sorenson. I was so invested in both Eric and Meghan’s story. I loved seeing them again in this book and seeing Noah, April and Jenny again after all this time. It was another enjoyable read by Jill Sorenson and I was happy with their story. So good!

Which brings me to my least favorite read of the week. I DNF’d Dare to Run because the heroine got on my hot damn nerves and I couldn’t really connect with the hero and I really wanted to. Couldn’t do it, so I moved on.


None. I really need to get my shit together and write some damn reviews.

New Additions

For Review

Defending Taylor by Miranda Kenneally
Nobody but You (Cedar Ridge #3) by Jill Shalvis

I’m always excited to get more from the Hundred Oaks series by Miranda Kenneally. That’s such a fun series and Kenneally is one of the YA authors that continues to shine for me so I’m looking forward to reading this one soon.

The last book in the Cedar Ridge series and it’s the long lost brother’s book…I’m in!


Roommates by Erin Leigh

I bought and read this book in the same day and was really impressed with it. I really enjoyed the romance between Brady (BJ, haha) and Nate-Dog. LOL. They were adorable.


Big Rock by Lauren Blakely

There you have it, my week in books. How did your week go?

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2 responses to “Week in Books (8)

  1. Hey Wena!

    Roommates sounds really cute! I’m adding it to my TBR pile 🙂 Do you know if it’s only on Amazon though? Or restricted to the US?

    Lucky you about the Miranda Keannelly! I like her writing and the cover is sooo cute!

    Last book in the Cedar Ridge series already? Isn’t there a younger sister? She’s not getting her own book? That’d be a bummer, because she was the most interesting sibling.

    Sigh, I’ve been holding off from Jen Fredericks, but this book sure sounds good.

  2. Hey you!

    Sorry it took me so long to respond. So Ames read Roommates and she didn’t like it so I’m curious to see what you would think about it. I thought the book was so cute but I overlooked a lot of things that bothered Ames.

    I can’t wait to dig into the Kenneally. Her Hundred Oaks series is awesome.

    Hmmm, now that you brought up the sister, maybe it’s not the last book in the series. I just assumed it was since I don’t even know why.

    Well whenever you change your mind about the Frederick books, keep me posted. I want to see what you think!

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