Month: February 2016

Man Crush Monday (6)

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Man Crush Monday

This week’s MCM is a guy that is just too beautiful not to notice. I mean, come on…look at this guy.



Very, very nice eye candy. With each football hottie that comes across my radar, I’m starting to wonder why I don’t watch football.

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Friday Five (5)

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Friday Five

This week’s post will feature the five movies that I’m looking forward to watching.

[1] Me Before You.

I read this book for book club last year and it destroyed me for a good two weeks. I laughed, I cried, I happy sighed and then I ugly cried. I didn’t think that I would want to see the movie, knowing what happens in the book but after seeing the trailer…screw it. I want to see it. How can I pass up Finnick and Khaleesi? Like Kenna, this movie had me at Ed Sheeran. 🙂

[2] Allegiant.

I’m here for Four. I have always been here for Four. I’m not even mad about what happens in the book. All I care about is Four. I’m definitely watching this movie.

[3] Suicide Squad.

This one looks good. It looks funny and action packed and just right for what I’m always in the mood for. I’m in.

[4] Deadpool.

I’ve heard a lot about this movie. Some good, some bad but it’s Ryan Reynolds so I’ve always been interested in watching it. So this is on my to be watched list.

[5] 13 Hours.

Well would you look at Jim Halpert, all sexy and shit. I’m way interested in watching this movie because it looks good, it’s based on a true story and it features a whole bunch of hotties.

I’m sure there are more but these are the five that stand out for me.

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Good Eats: Porto’s

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Good Eats Foodie Club

Downey Portos
8233 Firestone Blvd
Downey, CA 90241

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 6:30 am – 8:30 pm, Sunday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

It’s the second month of the year and I got together with my friends to try a new to us place again. Well, new to some of us. This month we did lunch and we drove out to Downey to try out Porto’s. Did you guys know that Porto’s is the #1 food place choice on Yelp? Mulu and Therese haven’t eaten there yet so we went so they can try it out for themselves.

Porto’s is known for its potato balls and bakery but they have great sandwiches and salads as well. I didn’t take any pictures of our food but we tried something from everywhere. Theresa had the Raspberry Mojito (great), I tried the Caprese sandwich with banana chips (good), Mulu and Hanah had the Turkey Croissant sandwich (yum) and then we tried chocolate croissants, beef empenadas and the creme brulee. Everything was good, very tasty. Not one complaint.

Portos Downey

This place was great and it got two thumbs up from all of us. If you’re going to the Porto’s in Downey on a Saturday, make sure you have the time cause there’s always a line that wraps around the building. On the upside, the lines move fast so you won’t spend your entire day there.

Next month is Dinner and we’re thinking Indian…but we shall see.

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