Throwback Thursday (10)

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When I was younger and in the Youth at Church, every summer we went to Young Women’s Girls Camp and my partner in crime was always Hanah. There aren’t a lot of memories from Church back in the day that don’t involve Hanah. Whether I was helping her boyfriend at the time figure out how to see her or talking about anything and everything at her house, my house or in Young Women’s class, we were always together.

..and I have a lot of pictures to back up that statement. This week’s throwback picture is from Girls Camp when we were, around 15 and 16 (Hanah’s a year older than me). I don’t remember much about where this picture was taken but I do know it was taken after our big camp picture that we took every year.

Wena and Hanah

Look at us, we were freaking babies! I can’t believe it!

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