Friday Five (9)

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Friday Five This week’s Friday Five will be about shows that I used to love but no longer watch. I used to watch a lot of TV shows but I’ve found that lately, I just don’t care to keep up with a bunch of shows that I was following out of loyalty to the celebrity that I like on the show. But now? This is me.
Arrow [1] Arrow. I have watched Arrow since the first episode aired. I used to be so obsessed with this show. I shipped Olicity hard and loved the hell out of both Oliver and Felicity right from the very beginning. I was there when Felicity was just the nerd girl that Oliver occasionally used to find answers. I was there when the team was just Oliver, Diggle and Felicity. I was there through the thick and the thin but this season, I keep falling further and further behind because I’m just not that interested in what’s going on. I kept watching it out of loyalty to Stephen Amell who I adore to pieces…or actually, who I used to adore to pieces. But on April 13th – on Mamba Day, Stephen Amell took to Twitter to talk shit about my favorite player in the NBA and while my loyalty to Stephen was pretty up there, it was nowhere near my loyalty to my Lakers and Kobe Bryant. You don’t talk shit about the Mamba on Mamba Day. So I gave up Arrow on the spot and my loyalty for Amell is a distant memory.
Flash [2] The Flash. I used to watch this show a lot. I liked that it was a super hero show with a lighter feel than Arrow and I shipped Snowbarry so I wanted to see if they ever got together. I knew that they weren’t going to be canon or anything but I wanted them to share…something. We got little teases of it in the first season but nothing since then so I’m pretty much over this show. Not even Cisco saved this show for me and I love him. I know that Barry and Iris are supposed to be the main couple but they just don’t interest me. *shrugs* Oh, well…like Mya said back in the day, I’ll be moving on… Originals [3] The Originals. Oh, the Mikaelsons. How I had such high hopes of enjoying your show since I loved the hell out of all of you guys when you were on the Vampire Diaries. Even when we were supposed to hate you guys on there, I loved you guys. I used to want Klaus and Caroline to get married and have miracle vampire babies so when I heard that they were getting their own show, I was excited. I thought it was going to be Vampire Diaries for grown ups. I looked forward to continue to love Klaus and Elijah and Rebekkah and Kol and well you get the idea….but it has been a real chore to watch this show. It’s always so slow and they killed the girl I wanted Elijah to end up with while still pushing him and Hailey (a ship I just never got behind). Meghan loves this show but it’s so…boring. So now I just don’t watch it anymore. Empire [4] Empire. The first season of this show was on and poppin. I binge watched it and was sooo looking forward to watching the second season. All of the drama was fabulous, the music was great and I loved me some Jamaal but when the second season started and Lucious Lyon was in prison but still working in the recording studio *rolling eyes emoji* while plotting to take out his kids over a damn company, I wanted to take a page out of Cookie’s handbook and blow shit up. The whole show started getting ridiculous what with Lucious Lyon and his bootleg recording studio IN PRISON, the whole Dre thing was pretty stupid and I wanted to kick Hakeem in his damn gold teeth every week so I finally had too much and called it a day on this one. Still, this was my favorite scene from this show:
Scandal [5] Scandal. The first couple of seasons of this show had me completely obsessed. I loved all of the drama and I loved the Gladiators. Every week, something was poppin’ off that had my mouth on the floor and it was always so stinkin’ good. Fitz and Olivia were circlin’ each other and the whole forbidden romance game was strong but as the seasons wore on, that whole relationship took a bad turn for me and I just haven’t been able to get back into the show. The introduction of Jake (played by Noel from Felicity, yay!) kept me coming back for a little while cause I will watch Scott Foley in anything but in the end, even he couldn’t save the show for me. I’m just so done with everyone on that show, even Olivia.

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4 responses to “Friday Five (9)

  1. LOL, I like the gifs 😛

    The only show on there I do watch is the Flash and that’s mainly because my sister does. I know Ames loves Scandal, but I’m not embarking in that. The one show I want to drop and can’t seem to be able to is Grey’s Anatomy. So yeah, I’m good LOL.

  2. Thanks boo, they explain perfectly how I feel. 🙂

    Oh goodness, I’m all caught up on Grey’s too but it’s one of those shows that I only watch with Brenna. Have you seen the last episode? Holy cow, wasn’t expecting that at all!

  3. Izzy

    OMG!!!! No Arrow! No Flash! I still watch both. I love them!!

    I am SOOOOO glad Arizona got custody.

  4. You don’t talk shit about the Mamba on Mamba Day. I don’t even care enough about Olicity to continue on with the show. I don’t even like Stephen Amell anymore either. But dude, Nath doesn’t even think he’s that cute Iz. OMG! That’s shocking to me.

    I can’t get behind Barry and Iris so I just stopped watching The Flash, I don’t even care enough about Cisco.

    But dude, I about fell out of my chair when the judge announced the verdict. I still can’t believe it. But I was pointing and laughing at Callie because…that’s what she gets!!

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