It’s Been Two Years…

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…since my brother Seko died and I can’t believe how fast that time has gone.

In the last two years our family has been extremely busy. We added a new baby nephew to our family (shout out to Baby Rocky!), we have two missionaries out in the mission field, the 97’s graduated from high school and started college. The 99’s and Meg won Championship rings, Chelsea started trainingto be a flight attendant and Maleah started high school. We’ve been busy planning Chloe’s wedding to Markus and 2016 has just been one thing after another but today, I’m not thinking about any of the million things that I need to do for work or stressing about Chloe’s wedding. Today, I’m thinking about my brother. Today, I’m missing him something fierce.

So I thought I’d share some pictures of Seko, just because I’m thinking of him.


Seko and I posing at Ingrid’s wedding in Vegas. This was the last picture that we took together and it’s my favorite one.

Team Wilson Gang

This was at our first Relay for Life. The only RfL that Seko made it to as he was sick the next year. We now walk in remembrance of him. I’m not in this picture. I don’t even know where I was…not walking on the track though. Haha.

Wlison Boys

The Wilson brothers and Dad. These guys fought all the time but in the end, I’m glad that they were all at peace with one another and the love they have for each other shines. They fought a lot because they all cheered on different football teams.

Team Wilson Gang II

The Wilson 9 with Chloe on her high school graduation day.

It really bums me out that we’ll never again get to take a family picture with all 9 of us but I take comfort in the fact that you’re no longer in pain and that you’re resting in peace with Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Pete and Uncle Johnny and all of our other family members.

I love and miss you brother and God be with you til we meet again.

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