Friday Five (11)

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Friday Five This week’s topic will feature five songs that I’m completely obsessed with right now. Or actually, five songs that are stuck in my head.
[1] Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake.
Shut up, Ames. I love this damn song. Haha. JT delivers another summer hit that I will be getting my groove on to in the coming months.
[2] Leaving Me by Sammy J.
I went to see this guy last month in concert and I’m still on a Sammy J high. This has been a hit in my house and everyone is listening to this song on repeat. It’s a great freaking song about a subject we all know so much about, getting Dear John’d while out on your mission.
[3] All I Ask by Adele.
My nephew Caleb is 3 years and is the most adorable little boys, who also happens to be the baddest little boy too. He gets into everything, he jumps off of everything and he breaks everything too. But when you see videos like this one, how can you not love that little boy and this song too? Caleb gets all into singing his songs in the car too. It’s the cutest little thing.
[4] One Call Away by Charlie Puth.
Another little boy that can get down with the get down in the car is Luke. These last two songs are songs that I’ve come to love because Luke knows every single word, ooh and ahh for both of those songs and he never fails to crack me the hell up while he’s singing along to Charlie Puth and DNCE.
[5] Cake by the Ocean by DNCE.
This isn’t a song that I would probably like on my own but after hearing Luke get down to this song? It’s one of my favorites. Haha. What songs are stuck in your head these days? What songs are you obsessed with?

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2 responses to “Friday Five (11)

  1. Izzy

    I like all those songs except Adele. I know gasp. They played out her music and I’m over it. Lol

  2. *gasp* You don’t like All I Ask by Adele? Would you laugh if I told you that Pete is going to her concert and is low key excited? LMAO, I laughed too!

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