Lunch with the 99’s

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One of my absolute favorite things to do is to have lunch with the 99’s. If you’re new to this blog and my life, then the 99’s are Brenna (my daughter), Cheridan (my sister’s kid), Makenna (my other sister’s kid) and Kaleo (my other, other sister’s kid). Kaleo lives in Colorado so it’s not often that he comes to lunch with us and for this post, he wasn’t there…it was just the girls.

So we’re at Panda Express having lunch and the following conversation happens:

Cheridan: I wonder how much rice these guys have to make a day. I would hate that job. I’m still salty that you guys kept making fun of my rice for the graduation party.
Brenna: Yeah, I get nervous when I have to make big pots of rice.
Makenna: It’s okay, someone else made worse rice than you at the graduation, Cher.
Brenna: Oh yeah, Chloe!
Cheridan: Oh well, someone was making her cry maybe. Was that back when her and Raymond [Chloe’s ex boyfriend] were ending?
Brenna: Well her tears didn’t go in the rice cause it was dry.

Bwahahahahahaha, this is the kind of shit that they talk about and it never fails to crack me the heck up.

I love my girls!

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