Man Crush Monday (15)

Posted May 30, 2016 by Rowena in Features | 2 Comments

Man Crush Monday I can’t stop, you guys. I’m still on this Psy/Changelings series high and this week’s Man Crush is Hawke Snow, the SnowDancer Alpha and this is how I see him. 1 1 2 4 My favorite Hawke quote?
“You have the power to tear me to pieces, to wound me so deep and true that I’ll never recover. What Rissa’s death did to the boy I was? You have the ability to do a thousand times worse to the man I’ve become.”
*swoon* Until next week…enjoy!

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2 responses to “Man Crush Monday (15)

    • Oh man, Brenna keeps watching the episode where McSteamy is telling a dying Lexie that he loves her. That he always loved her and every single time she watches that episode, I tear up. I miss Mark and Lexie. Are you still watching the show?

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