Luke aka The Sore Loser

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My family has a lot of kids. I mean, a lot of kids. At last count, there are 25 Wilson grandkids. You read that right. The oldest grandchild is 26 (I think) and the youngest is about 5 months. Family gatherings are chaotic and loud and there’s always kids yelling and adults yelling at the kids to shut up but through it all, there’s a lot of happiness and laughter.

Last week, Chloe (Wilson Grandkid #2) got married so the family is in town and with Chance’s (Wilson Grandkid #4) homecoming this past weekend and then Jenna’s (Wilson Grandkid #9) high school graduation, the family is…still in town. So like we always do, everyone congregates to Blanche’s (Wilson Kid #2) house for dinner so we make a lot of food.

Luke (Wilson Grandkid #22 and pictured on the far left) is finishing up his Kindergarten year in school and at dinner the other night, he proved to be a…sore ass loser. LOL.

Everyone was over for dinner so we grilled burgers and hot dogs. It’s summer and the sun goes down a lot later than normal so after dinner, the kids were still playing outside. Lots of noise, games of basketball and on this particular night, lots of crying kids.

Luke came into the house scream crying and sporting a bloody nose. I didn’t hear what was happening because I was working on Book Binge blog stuff but I was in the midst of all of the chaos so I knew that he was pleading his case with his Mom.

Apparently, Ahbrey (Wilson Grandkid #18) and Luke were playing basketball against each other and Ahbrey spanked Luke. She picked his pocket, made more points and then when she packed him, Luke couldn’t take it anymore so in his anger, he lunged for Ahbrey and his nose connected with Ahbrey’s shoulder which caused the bloody nose. That explains the scream crying and the bloody nose.

After Luke is patched up (toilet paper shoved in his nose to stop the bleeding), everything calms down…at least we thought it did. Pete (Wilson Kid #9 and Ahbrey’s Dad) and his kids go home and I’m still working on Book Binge stuff and Luke is sitting across from me on his Mom’s lap. Conversation is flowing around us and Luke is playing on Delene’s (Wilson Kid #4 and Luke’s Mom) phone, or we thought he was playing on Delene’s phone.

He’s not.

He’s talking to Siri, venting about Ahbrey.

His conversation with Siri goes something like this:

Luke: Siri, I hate Ahbrey.
Siri: Sorry, I do not understand.
Luke: I hate Ahbrey, Siri.
Siri: Searching for Abrey.

I couldn’t help myself. I started laughing. This kid is something else. But, wait. He’s not done.

Luke: Siri, call Cousin Ahbrey.
Siri: Sorry, I cannot locate Cousin Abrey.
Kainoa: You have to say, call Ahbrey Wilson.
Luke: Call Ahbrey Wilson.
Siri: Calling Ahbrey Wilson.

On speakerphone, Siri calls Ahbrey and she picks up.

Ahbrey: Hello?
Luke: *silent*
Ahbrey: Aunty Delene?
Luke: This is Luke.
Ahbrey: Oh, what do you want?
Luke: I hate you.

Then he hangs right up on Ahbrey.

I’m sorry, but I about died laughing. That kid is one sore ass loser! Of course we had to have a talk with him about being nice and getting over stuff but dude, that made me laugh so much so I had to share it on the blog.

Gotta love these kids!

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  1. Izzy

    ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! That is too funny. Joey is such a sore loser too! Ugh.. i’m gonna have my hands full.

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