Top 5 Wednesday: Authors I’m Waiting on Another Book From

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T5W So, I saw this on A Mismatched Reader today and it looks like something completely doable and fun to bring to the blog so I’m going to start participating in this (let’s see how long this lasts, ha!). It’s actually hosted by Booktuber Sam at Thoughts on Tomes and you can read more about this meme on the Goodreads Group here. This week’s topic discusses authors we’re waiting on more books from. It was super easy for me since there are a lot of authors and books that I’m looking forward to.    
1. Julie James.
Julie James writes smart contemporary romances with strong heroines and swoon-worthy heroes and she’s taking a lot longer writing her next book that was supposed to come out this year but got pushed back to next year and got a new title. That book is The Thing about Love and it’s the next book in her FBI/US Attorney’s series and I’m super stoked about it. I just know that it’s going to be a great one.
2. Jen Frederick.
I love Jen Frederick’s books. I’m completely addicted to them and I’m super anxious for the next book in both her Woodlands series (Adam!) and her Gridiron series (Ace ??!!@#@#$%@) We’ve got a few months before either of those books come out and I’m counting down the days, hours and minutes until they do. I’m mighty curious to see the redemption of Asshole Ace from Jock Blocked and I’m super excited to meet Knox’s twin brother Ty and see him in his element at his school. On the Woodlands side, Adam! Super sexy, bad boy tattooed Adam. I want! *swoon*
3. Elle Kennedy.
There are quite a few books that I’m waiting on from Elle Kennedy. The Goal is one, the last book in the Killer Instincts series (*sob*), the next book in the Outlaws series and that’s not even counting the book that I’m so thirsty for that she co-wrote with Jen Frederick, Twisted Palace. I love me some Elle Kennedy and I need to know what went down with Tucker…and Sabrina. I need their story like yesterday and I think it’s probably one of the most anticipated books by me this year. I love this series and I already know that I’m going to love it (I mean, come on…it’s an Elle Kennedy book)…I just need it to be on my kindle app already.
4. Lauren Layne.
Someone Like You is the last book in the Oxford series and I’m looking forward to it because…LINCOLN!! It’s freaking Lincoln Mathis’ book. The guy that we’ve been swooning over ever since the Sex, Love & Stiletto’s books. Or, actually since his best friend Cole’s book (Irresistibly Yours, Oxford #1). He’s the extremely good looking bachelor that bangs all the girls and stays friends with them afterward. There’s always someone new and there’s a reason why Lincoln won’t commit to anyone and in freaking December, we’ll finally find out why. Yippy skippy!
5. Cora Carmack.
It’s been a year since All Played Out came out and I have been super anxious to get my hands on Stella’s book because Stella! OMG Stella! I need to know that she’s okay, that she ends up with someone deserving of her greatness and I really need to see everyone else from this series that I have grown to care for and love the hell out of. I can honestly go on and on about this topic, list at least 6-7 more authors off the top of my head but this is a Top 5 not a Top 20 so I’ll cut it out but seriously, these authors are my go to authors. I love their stuff so I’m really looking forward to their books. I just wish they wrote faster. 🙂 Are there any authors that you’re waiting on books from? What books are you waiting on?

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8 responses to “Top 5 Wednesday: Authors I’m Waiting on Another Book From

  1. There’s a reason you’re my BBB because I am waiting for 4 out of those 5 books! LOL If I was all caught up on Carmack’s series we would be five for five.

    • She’s all better now, I hope?

      I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’ll All Closed Off next year. Stella! I need more Stella!

      Dude, I think The Goal comes out next month. I’ve got ants in my pants for that. Yay!

  2. Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

    Lauren Layne is one I need to read!!! I am waiting for one from Tana French and Lauren Oliver – who has one out in November and October respectively – and I cannot wait for Rainbow Rowell to everntually come out with one. Great list!

    • I’ve got a few Lauren Oliver books in my TBR pile but I haven’t touched them. Am I missing the good stuff? I’ll probably have to dust that stuff off and try it out.

      Yes, Lauren Layne. Read her stuff, she’s great!

  3. I didn’t know that Adam was getting a book in the Woodlands series and now I’m desperate! I LOVE that series so much. And I was so surprised when Jen announced that the next Gridiron book was about Ace. I hated him with a fiery passion in the previous book, but I’m really excited to see how she goes about redeeming him. I know it will be good!
    I need ALL the books from Elle Kennedy. Did you read the summary of Midnight Target?? I’m already crying from the feels. The Goal is probably my most anticipated though because I have loved Tucker for sooo long and have been waiting for what feels like forever for his book. And Twisted Palace. Everyone who has read Broken Prince needs that book after that ending!
    My co-blogger and I are dying for the Lincoln book. We got so upset when we found out book 2 wasn’t about him. I have a feeling I know what his big secret is, but gahhh it needs to be here already! 🙂

    • Yes! I emailed Jen after finishing Jock Blocked and asked her what she had in the works so that’s when she told me that she had plans for Adam’s book and she broke the news about Ace. I’m sure that she’ll do a fab job of redeeming him but I completely know how you feel since I hated him too. But did you know that the school that he transferred to is …Knox’s brothers school? So we’ll get kind of a spin off and get to know the brother, Ty Maddox. I’m already swooning in anticipation.

      I know what you mean about Elle Kennedy. She is just so freaking awesome and I love her books to pieces. I’m definitely interested in The Goal since I love me some Tucker but I hate Sabrina so I’m curious to see how she gets redeemed cause I hated the way she was such a b word to Dean.

      For Twisted Palace, I’m glad that I got a bit of a break between that book and Broken Prince (I’m probably in the minority there) because all of the drama that popped off in Broken Prince? I wasn’t ready for it so it’s good that I had time to calm my ass down between reads.

      Did you at least like Jackson’s book? I wasn’t that mad about not getting Linc’s book so soon, even though I wanted it pretty bad. I knew it was coming so I’ve been waiting ever so patiently for it. I have no clue what his big secret could be. I’m terrible at guessing those things. Tell me! What is it?

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