Blanche’s 50th Birthday

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Yesterday was my sister Blanche’s 50th birthday and her kids planned a pretty special surprise family dinner for her…at the same restaurant we had my Mom’s 50th birthday dinner. 🙁 Mom’s been gone for 5 years now so it was nice that she was still a part of Blanche’s 50th birthday celebration, even if it was in spirit. Blanche 50th Now that the surprise party is over and done with, I can finally share this story. Ha! For as long as I can remember, my younger brother Pete has never missed an opportunity to tease Blanche about how old she is. She’s 16 years older than Pete. 14 years older than me. Every time Pete teases Blanche, she threatens to kick him and we all laugh. A running joke in our family is that Blanche went to Seminary with Moses. That she was classmates with Jesus. A few weeks ago, Chloe (Blanche’s oldest daughter) sent a text out to all of Blanche’s siblings, asking for old pictures of Blanche. She was working on something for the party and needed old pictures. Pete sends this: Moses LMAO! I can’t even deal with this picture. I laughed so hard and so much at this picture that every time I see it, I bowl over and laugh some more. If you didn’t catch it, Pete photoshopped Blanche into the bottom left of the picture. We were finally able to share the picture with her and she about peed her pants from laughing so much. We ended our birthday celebrations like we always do..with our family turn up picture. Birthday Turn Up - Blanche Ha! Gotta love Team Wilson Gang!

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    • Yeah, a good time was had by all…even Blanche. She spent the day pissed off at everyone because nobody wanted to go to Disneyland with her. Ha! The party more than made up for that.

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