Top 5 Wednesday: Books That Took You the Longest to Finish

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Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey at Ginger Reads Lainey but is hosted by Sam at Thoughts on Tomes. You can read more about this meme on the Goodreads Group here.

This weeks topic is: Books That Took You the Longest to Finish

These are the books that you had on your nightstand “in progress” for months or years. The books that you took weeks to read because they put you in a slump. Those books that were an uphill battle. These are books you started and actually read, not books you’ve just had on your shelf the longest.

This week, my list will be filled with different kinds of “took me a long time to finish” books. Some books I wasn’t in the mood to read but still finished this book and loved it, liked it, hated it, and well…you get the idea.

1. The Goal (Off-Campus #4) by Elle Kennedy.

She’s good at achieving her goals…

College senior Sabrina James has her whole future planned out: graduate from college, kick butt in law school, and land a high-paying job at a cutthroat firm. Her path to escaping her shameful past certainly doesn’t include a gorgeous hockey player who believes in love at first sight. One night of sizzling heat and surprising tenderness is all she’s willing to give John Tucker, but sometimes, one night is all it takes for your entire life to change.

But the game just got a whole lot more complicated

Tucker believes being a team player is as important as being the star. On the ice, he’s fine staying out of the spotlight, but when it comes to becoming a daddy at the age of twenty-two, he refuses to be a bench warmer. It doesn’t hurt that the soon-to-be mother of his child is beautiful, whip-smart, and keeps him on his toes. The problem is, Sabrina’s heart is locked up tight, and the fiery brunette is too stubborn to accept his help. If he wants a life with the woman of his dreams, he’ll have to convince her that some goals can only be made with an assist.

I was so looking forward to reading this book but once it came out, I wasn’t in the mood for it so I kept putting it down to read another book. It was weird for me since that never happens with an Elle Kennedy book and this book wasn’t even a bad book, it was a completely mood thing so instead of taking me one night to read, I read this book in a week. I enjoyed it but it took a long time to finish.

2. Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) in Music by Sara Bareilles.

A candid and down-to-earth collection of essays by five-time, Grammy Award nominated singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles, exploring her life in song; raw, evocative, and utterly unforgettable.

Sara Bareilles shot to fame in 2007 with her hit single; Love Song, and her more recent chart-topping hit; Brave, but her journal as a songwriter started long before. In this candid book of essays, Sara pulls back the curtain to expose her songwriting process, revealing all the struggle and joy inherent in creating great work while staying true to yourself.

Showcasing her stripped down and confessional writing style, Sara’s entertaining and inspirational book tells the inside stories behind her most popular songs and offers insights into finding balance between making art for herself and commercial music for her listeners.

I don’t read a lot of non-fiction books so I was curious to see how this was going to go and while I did end up enjoying it, it was slow to pick up so it took me a while to get into and in turn, took me a long ass time to read.

3. The Wall of Winnipeg by Mariana Zapata.

Vanessa Mazur knows she’s doing the right thing. She shouldn’t feel bad for quitting. Being an assistant/housekeeper/fairy godmother to the top defensive end in the National Football Organization was always supposed to be temporary. She has plans and none of them include washing extra-large underwear longer than necessary.

But when Aiden Graves shows up at her door wanting her to come back, she’s beyond shocked.

For two years, the man known as The Wall of Winnipeg couldn’t find it in him to tell her good morning or congratulate her on her birthday. Now? He’s asking for the unthinkable.

What do you say to the man who is used to getting everything he wants?

This was the first book by Zapata that I read and at the time, I was distracted with other things so my attention for this book suffered a bit. It might have taken me a bit longer than usual to finish this book but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the heck out of it. It was a great read!

4. A Million Times Goodnight by Kristina McBride.

A teen Sliding Doors. One choice creates parallel dual narratives in this romantic contemporary mystery-thriller perfect for fans of Just Like Fate and Pivot Point.

One Night. Two Paths. Infinite Danger.

On the night of the big Spring Break party, Hadley “borrows” her boyfriend Ben’s car without telling him. As payback, he posts a naked picture of her online for the entire senior class to see.

Now Hadley has a choice: go back to the party and force Ben to delete the picture or raise the stakes and take his beloved car on a road trip as far away from their hometown of Oak Grove, Ohio, as she can get.

Chapters alternate to reveal each possible future as Hadley, her ex-boyfriend, Josh, and her best friends embark on a night of reckless adventure where old feelings are rekindled, friendships are tested, and secrets are uncovered that are so much worse than a scandalous photo.

I had to keep putting this book down because I got so mad at every turn with each of the characters. I stuck with this book for longer than normal and I almost DNF’d so many times but didn’t. In the end, I got mad at myself because I didn’t DNF it. I didn’t like the ending any more than I liked the beginning and middle. Drove me up the wall, this one.

5. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

First published in 1813, “Pride and Prejudice,” Jane Austen’s witty comedy of manners – one of the most popular novels of all time – tells the story of Mr and Mrs Bennet’s five unmarried daughters after the rich and eligible Mr Bingley and his status-conscious friend, Mr Darcy, have moved into their neighbourhood. “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” So begins the novel, that features splendidly civilized sparring between the proud Mr. Darcy and the prejudiced Elizabeth Bennet as they play out their spirited courtship in a series of eighteenth-century drawing-room intrigues.

This was one of those books that I kept having to put down because of different things. I didn’t understand what the heck was going on, I had to take a breather because Darcy or Elizabeth were getting on my nerves so it took me a while to finish. In the end? I loved this one. Ha!

What books have you read that took you a long time to read?


8 responses to “Top 5 Wednesday: Books That Took You the Longest to Finish

  1. Greg Hill

    A Million Times Goodnight sounds great because I love stories with alternate possibilities and Pivot Point is another one I wanted to read! So I like the sound of that one. And I haven’t read P & P but I did try S & S because I love the movie version I’ve seen, but I didn’t make it through. Isn’t that awful? I may try again…

    • Rowena

      The characters in that book drove me right up the wall. I couldn’t believe how many bad decisions were made in the course of an entire book. I wanted to pull all of their hair.

      Ha! I know what you mean about the Austen stuff. There’s a reason I’ve only read P&P. 🙂

  2. Okay so. I really want to read the Wall of Winnipeg book on account of…well, I’m from Winnipeg. So happy it turned out to be a great read for you, Rowena!

    • Rowena

      It’s a good read. Not my favorite but a lot of my friends really love the romance in that one. The heroine is smart and strong but not in a bitchy way, if that makes any sense. The hero is from Winnipeg and man does he come around. He’s such a man and by the end of the book, I loved him.

  3. Too funny you ended up loving P&P. Hmm, it has been a long time since a book took forever now that I discovered the freeing power of DNFing. I have the Deal, but I know some folks struggled with the newest book.

    • Rowena

      Haha, I’ll confess something about my read of P&P. I read one of those P&P, Jane Austen for dummies copies of the book. So it had the actual text from the book and then little notes, explaining what I just read. ha!

  4. You read Jane Austen and survived?!?! High Five!! I think that might hurt my older brain. I know back in college I read Turgenyev for giggles so maybe I could read Austen????

    I’m SOOOOOO with you The Goal. low five… what’s up with that??? I’ll pick it back up soon. And I hate it when I should have DNF’d a book. That’s only happened to me once, though. Major head smack.


    • Rowena

      Ha! Read my comment to Kim above. That’s how I survived.

      As far as The Goal is concerned, I think it was more the mood I was in and not really the book. I ended up being underwhelmed with Sabrina, not liking her as much as the other heroines in the series but I did love Tucker. He was yum. I’ll look forward to your thoughts on the book once you finish it. 🙂

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