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Starring: Tyler Hoechlin, Aaron Tveit, Chace Crawford, Philip Winchester, Manny Montana
Director: Joseph Mazzello
Release Date: July 15, 2016
Rating: Unrated
Run Time: 1:30
Movie Type: Comedy, Drama, Sports

When twelve ragtag teammates set out to play what should be a meaningless summer intramural baseball game, it ends up becoming the most important game of their lives. This collection of characters – the reliever turned starting pitcher (Tyler Hoechlin), a hot dog power hitter (Chace Crawford), an outfielder with anger management issues (Joe Mazzello), a player coach with clipboard envy (Duke Davis Roberts), an over-eager catcher (Ryan Pinkston), the old guy who shouldn’t be playing anymore (Philip Winchester), and the guy everyone forgot was on the team (Matt Bush) – truly gives new meaning to the phrase “amateur status”. As they struggle to transition away from baseball and towards an uncertain future, the best player among them (Aaron Tveit) – who they all felt should have gotten drafted – has to deal with the news that his big league dreams were dashed, leaving him grappling with why he should still play. One game can be just another box score, but when it’s played by a team

This movie was brought to my attention because Tyler Hoechlin is in it. I watch Teen Wolf and was a little bummed when I found out that Derek wasn’t returning last season but then I heard he was filming this movie and I perked right up. I love sports comedies and this one just looked funny from the trailers and the cast interviews that were going around.

When the movie came out, I forced Brenna (my daughter) to watch it with me and while she was not happy about putting her phone away for an hour and a half to watch a movie with her Mom, when all was said and done. She loved it and so did I.

You guys, this movie was funny. I was not prepared for how much laughing I was going to do. I thought it would be one of those movies that claim to be a comedy but I don’t laugh all that much. I was wrong. Every character brought something different to the movie and they were all distinctly different from each other. They were all really funny too. This movie was made up of funny moments but there were sprinkles of deeper issues through out as well. These guys are all college aged (except the old guy) guys with uncertain futures, coming together to win an intramural baseball game against a bunch of Division 1 players who thought they had the game in the bag.

I don’t even have a favorite character in this movie because I loved them all. I loved the dugout shenanigans, the fights, the jokes, just…everything. I liked this movie so much that Brenna and I watched it again the very next night. Too stinkin’ funny.

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10 responses to “Review: Undrafted

  1. Awww, I totally missed this movie last summer! As in, never heard of it 🙁 And I didn’t know Tyler was on Teen Wolf. I might have to actually watch some TV now (sadly, I remember him from Seventh Heaven – shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone!)

    • Rowena

      LMAO! I remember him from Seventh Heaven too! He was so young! Yeah, Tyler was an Alpha of the main Alpha on Teen Wolf. He’s moved on though so he’s not on the show anymore. Now he’s Superman on Supergirl. Are you confused yet?

    • Rowena

      I try to catch my favorite actors and actresses from my TV shows in whatever movie they’re starring in and so that’s why this one was brought to my attention. I’m so glad that I watched it. Too freaking funny.

    • Rowena

      Ha! My daughter brought Teen Wolf to my attention a few years ago, back in the early days. Before I started watching it, I hated that my daughter watched it. I would give her so much crap about it because she had viewing parties at our house with all of her friends and it was at one of those parties that I watched an episode and I was completely gone over the show. I asked so many questions that I finally just binged watched the first two seasons to catch up and I have never turned back since. Ha!

  2. I love sport films and I love comedy sports films even more. I totally want to watch this film and your review has me even more excited to get watching. I mean, I’m much like you, put Tyler Hoechlin in a film and I’m going to want to watch. Then there’s Aaron Tveit who I think is awesome and I am all over watching. I’m glad it’s actually funny as well.

    • Rowena

      This was a good one, you should definitely put it on your watch list. The guys had me cracking up from beginning to end. I heart Tyler Hoechlin and Aaron Tveit so you know why I wanted to watch this one. 🙂

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