Basketball, It isn’t Everything

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Last week, I posted about Makenna’s kindergarten journal and that post made me laugh. Today’s post is about Makenna as well but this post made me cry. For those of you guys that don’t know, my family is a huge basketball family. It’s our favorite sport. Well, the girls anyway. We follow Lakers basketball. We follow college basketball. We follow high school basketball. If there is a basketball game on, we will watch it. Meghan probably has the worst because she can watch basketball all day and night long but you get the idea. The kids love to play Knock Out in the backyard that even my 70-year-old Dad participates in from time to time. Ever since our girls were in fourth grade, it’s been basketball, basketball, basketball. We played on a club team that played year round so every weekend, we were traveling all over Southern California playing against other teams. They’ve learned everything there is to know about basketball and the one thing on their mind was to get better, to work harder, to make the basketball team once they got to high school. First and foremost on their mind during a game, was to help their team win and we have won a lot of games. Winning has always been the goal. Last month, Kenna’s basketball team traveled across the country to play in the Diamond State Classic in Delaware. As part of the tournament, each team adopted a kid and Kenna’s team adopted Aryn. Aryn is a young girl who has been living with Leukemia and before her trip, Kenna went to buy some stuff that she thought Aryn would enjoy.
Their team was featured in the local newspaper and reading the article brought warmth to my heart because while basketball is great and all, it’s not everything and it’s good to see young girls embracing the importance of life outside of basketball.

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6 responses to “Basketball, It isn’t Everything

    • Rowena

      I’m a hometown supporter so my college teams are USC and UCLA (though I’m more SC than UCLA) but my nephew plays football at Louisville so I’m a Cardinal fan as well. ??

  1. This is amazing, it’s great that your family has something which you can all bond over and that the girls have then done something great for someone else. I’ve just read the article and I’m tearing up. It’s just so nice when things like this happen, especially for such a young girl. How amazing.

    • Rowena

      Aww, thanks Becky! I’m pretty lucky to have a close family who support the same teams (for the most part) but yeah, I thought the article was pretty neat.

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