Throwback Thursday (19)

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This week’s Throwback Thursday features my gals. Bren, Ken and Cher. Brenna, Makenna and Cheridan were 5 years old in this picture. This was before they started Kindergarten.

This picture was taken at the elementary school’s family fun night. A night where the school puts on carnival for the families and there are games, activities, food trucks and all that other goodness. This night was a fun one. The kids had a great time, we ate kettle corn and Asian tacos.

These three lovelies are seniors in high school and will be graduating in the next few months. I’m so sad that they’re not this little anymore. I miss them at this age. Gah.

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6 responses to “Throwback Thursday (19)

  1. So cute! It was one of my cousin’s 40th this weekend and her parents tortured her with some pictures of her as a kid and it’s crazy looking at the pictures. She said it was crazy as she remembers them so well. Everyone grows up fast! It’s great that you have these pictures of when they were younger (don’t forget to embarrass them with it).

    • Rowena

      LOL! I embarrass these three all the time. It’s fun for me. I’m sure that I will be doing the same thing when Brenna gets older.

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