Top 5 Wednesday: Book Trends I’m Tired Of

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Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey at Ginger Reads Lainey but is hosted by Sam at Thoughts on Tomes. You can read more about this meme on the Goodreads Group here.

This weeks topic is: Book Trends You’re Tired Of

What are some things you are tired of seeing that are trends in publishing? Maybe something that pops up on a lot of covers these days, or the popularity of certain tropes in a particular genre? Let it out!

This week, I’m going off course again and doing last week’s topic. Next week, I’ll be back on track so by March, I’ll be all caught up and finally working on the same themes as everyone else doing the meme. I read through a bunch of posts and a lot of people are tired of the same trends and I feel like I’m going to be talking about the same things because, well, I agree with all of them.

Here are the trends that I wouldn’t be mad if they disappeared.

1. Dark Pasts: For a long time, the New Adult genre was inundated with characters who had horrible things happen to them and their relationships suffered because of that dark time. I read so many and my heart hurt all the time so I’m over them now. I don’t mind characters that have struggles but man, I can’t keep reading them. I need some happier, lighter reads because the dark past was bringing me down.

2. Cover Changes: Ugh. When the Anna and the French Kiss books got new covers with the release of THE LAST BOOK, I was pissed. Way to mess up the look of my bookshelves. [insert eye roll emoji] I can’t stand when pubs roll out new series covers in the middle or in the end of series. Now I have to freaking buy a whole new set just so that my books can match. Gah. If that shit can stop happening, I’d be a lot happier.

3. Bad Parents: What’s up with all of the bad parenting going on in YA these days? Parents that are stupid seem to be a thing, too. Like in the Thunder Roads series, I couldn’t believe how dumb the adults were portrayed in both the first and second books. Parents that don’t care about their kids, parents that bully their kids, parents that are never around. Parents that steal from their kids to score stupid shit. They’re everywhere in contemporary YA books. Can we bring back cool parents who are present in the lives of their children and actually play a part in the growth of the kids? I’m very present in Brenna’s life and I advise her and am here for here whenever she needs me and I think she’s growing to be a pretty great lady because of that. If we can bring back caring parents, that would be great.

4. Bad Friends: Who needs enemies when you have friends like this? I hate meeting best friends and you just know that this bitch is going to do your girl dirty. I’m really over these characters and reading about them. I don’t think that it’s needed because there are so many other ways to flesh out storylines that we shouldn’t need to rely on the mean girl, best friend betrayal trope. This trend needs to go away.

5. Abuse=Romance: The Fifty Shades books, the Beautiful Disaster books are all romances that feature abusive relationships and really…this needs to go away because my daughter is of dating age and these are not the kind of romances that I want her using as examples of good, solid relationships. Abuse is not romantic. Emotional abuse is just as bad as physical abuse and gah, that bad boy with the bone deep meanness to him is not sexy…and I hate that these books are so popular. No. Just freaking no.

Love Triangles: I’m low key over love triangles. Now, I read romance more than anything else and I like knowing who is going to end up together in the end. I’m really over reading NA and YA books where there are two love interests because I can almost always tell who is going to end up with the heroine in the end so the whole love triangle shit is wasted on me anyway. This trend needs to stay in 2009 like the rest of the love triangle books.

What are some book trends that you are over?

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6 responses to “Top 5 Wednesday: Book Trends I’m Tired Of

    • Rowena

      Right? My niece is dating a guy that is a piece of shit when he’s mad but holy cow, she keeps taking him back and every time I read a review for those Beautiful Disaster books or see an OMG post about Fifty Shades of Abuse, I want to pull my hair because that is not the kind of relationships we deserve. Abuse is abuse, it ain’t romance!

  1. I am so over love triangles! Those have always bugged me. I am totally with you on the abuse thing. Often, I find that the heroine accepts the hero’s poor behavior because of his dark past/shitty parents, etc and that isn’t okay. Allowing someone to emotionally abuse you because they have bad parents?! What is that!? I think I am especially attune to it because I teach high school and I am always harping on the girls about knowing their worth.
    And the book cover thing?!? Seriously! Why! Why do they have to change it!

    • Rowena

      Yassss!! Love triangles need to go away and never come back. Heroes treating heorines isn’t romantic and it’s not okay for them to treat others poorly because they had a dark past. I want characters to be better than their pasts, to rise above, and there are so many ways to go about telling their stories than relying on abuse to grow the characters. Ugh.

      Yes, I’m with you because my daughter and nieces are the same ages as some of these heroines and these relationships are not relationships to aspire to.

      The cover thing drives me crazy which is a huge reason why I’m glad I buy all eBooks now.

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