My L.A. Foodie Bucket List

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I live in a city that is filled to the brim with trendy restaurants, cafes, diners and just everything a foodie lover could want and I don’t take advantage of being so close to some of the best restaurants around. I’ve lived in Los Angeles County all of my life and as a creature of habit, I don’t venture very far from my comfort eating spots. I’m hoping to change that this year. I’ve been bugging my friends about starting up our foodie group again but well, one of my friends moved away and the rest of the group has chaotic schedules that it’s hard to get together often. Well, my schedule has opened way up with Brenna graduating and I have a lot of free time on my hands so…why not make a list of the trendy spots I want to try and then drag my friends with me on these foodie adventures? I will find a way to make it work and B Nice, Tasha, Hanah and Theresa? We’re going to be busy this year! Here’s a list of the stuff that I want to try before the year ends. 1. Magnolia Bakery (Banana Pudding) 2. Georgetown Cupcakes (Cupcakes) 3. Gus’ World Famous Fried Chicken (Fried Chicken and Pie) 4. Republique (Banana Cream Pie) 5. The Apple Pan (Apple Pie, Hickory Burger) 6. The Pie Hole (Pie) 7. Jongewaard’s Bake & Broil (Pie) 8. Cofax Coffee Shop (Chorizo Breakfast Burrito) 9. Dodger Stadium (Dodger Dog) 10. Honey Kettle (Fried Chicken) 11. Pink’s Hot Dogs (Hot Dog) 12. The Griddle Cafe (Pancakes) 13. Toast (Breakfast) 14. Nick’s Deli (Breakfast Burrito) 15. San Pedro’s Fish Market & Restaurant (Seafood) 16. Shake Shack (Something Borrowed) 17. Milk (Baked Goods) 18. The Loop (Churros) 19. Paradise Bowl (Acai Bowls) 20. Lemonade (Salad) I’m starting with 20 and then will add anything else that catches my fancy. I’ll also be tracking what we try out and maybe writing up a post about it or something. Should be fun. Have you guys tried any of these places? Anything that I should add to my foodie bucket list that isn’t there already?

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8 responses to “My L.A. Foodie Bucket List

    • Rowena

      Hey Grace! If you’re ever in the area…try Magnolia Bakery’s banana pudding. It’s the bomb!

  1. I saw a YT video about the banana pudding at Magnolia and I want to try too! You’ll have to share pics of all your food adventures in the future!! 🙂

    • Rowena

      It’s so freaking good. If you’re ever in the area (or the next time you go to NYC), you should try it. I’m so going back for more.

  2. Great idea! I try to try new places when I’m down there. I’ve already had a few of those places. I hate hot dogs, so it’s funny that 2 of the places I’ve had are Pink’s and the Dodger dog. 😀

      • Rowena

        I was just looking at Paradise Bowl the other day. I was across the street but so full that I couldn’t knock that one off my list, not then anyway. I’m going to go back eventually though. TBH, I probably won’t be trying the coconut one because I’m not a fan of coconut. Haha, can we still be friends? 🙂

    • Rowena

      I’ve been to Dodger games before but I don’t ever remember trying the Dodger dogs there. I’m going to have to change that…especially since it means I can check out a Dodger game. I haven’t been in a while. They just opened up a Pinks Hot Dogs in my local mall so I don’t have to go all the way to L.A. to try it so yay for me!

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