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I only watched one TV show this week and I watched that one show every single day, some episodes, multiple times and if you guess that I watched Game of Thrones then you were right because…
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Lots of stuff have gone down and I’m here for it all. Every single bit of it. I’m going to go through each section of the episode and just talk through them all. There will be hella spoilers in this post so beware!
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Sansa & Arya: I’m seeing a lot of hate for Arya online and while I can understand it, I don’t share it. You see, to me, the Stark sisters are smart. They’re wily and I have every faith that Arya and Sansa are working either together or apart on playing Littlefinger. They’re “fighting” with each other because Littlefinger is watching them. I think that Arya was playing her lying game on Sansa this past week because come on…
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Arya never wanted or wondered what it would be like to dress up as the Lady of Winterfell. She never wanted to be a Lady. She’s always, always, always wanted to be a knight. To be a Lord. To fight…and then when she hands Sansa the dagger, after playing her game, the pointy end is pointed toward Arya, not Sansa. She never planned on killing her sister. She’s going to kill bitch ass, Peter Baelish. Sansa has come a long way and even though she’s never been my favorite Stark, I do respect her. I don’t think she’s going to do anything shady where Arya is concerned. She’s putting on the same show, for Baelish’s sake. Why do I think that? Because she sent Brienne away. The person who took a vow to protect her at all costs, against anyone who would wish her harm…she doesn’t want anyone to harm Arya because, at the end of the day, she’s family and Starks aren’t about that business. So to everyone spitting harm on Arya and comparing her to Ramsey fucking Bolton and fucking Joffrey?
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Jon’s Suicide Squad and the snow battle: I was talking about Jon’s suicide squad with Ames last week and she said, “They’re the team that I didn’t know I wanted” and that is the freaking truth. What a way to bring together some fabulous characters for a single purpose. Sure, that purpose is pretty dumb but I’m here for these guys battling together and bonding and then hopefully uniting against Cersei. I’m not even going to lie, when Jon turns toward the approaching army, standing his ground and then raising his sword to fight?
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My ovaries exploded because, hot damn, Jon Snow is full battle armor and just all around yumminess? I’m so here for it! I don’t even care that he has to keep getting saved, his heart is so big and his desire to protect his people??? I freaking love it. My heart hurt so much after Viserion goes down and even though I knew it was going to happen, that didn’t stop me from mourning the hell out of the dragon. Gah. I can’t even deal with the Night King pulling his ass out of the water and turning him. That’s going to be hella drama once Daenerys and Jon find out. But this was me when he went down:
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I’m still so sad. But??? Someone on Tumblr posted, “There are only two dragons left so the possibility that Jon will ride the dragon named after his biological father???” That shit got me so shook. I’m equal parts excited and sad that everything is finally happening because we’ve been waiting so long for this but I’m also sad that it’s almost over. What a ride it’s been…it’s still not over yet so let me cut it out.
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Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen: I’m a romance lover at heart so I have been shipping the shit out of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen since season 1, even though it took them 7 years to meet. They’ve only known each other for a handful of episodes and they’re already important to each other. They already have hella feelings for each other and I’m reading all of the haters of the Jonerys ship that their romance is not believable because it’s rushed but I don’t give a damn. Their romance isn’t a slow burn romance. Their romance is a fated lovers one. They’re meant to be together. The author of the books said that them coming together is the point of the entire series. They are the chosen ones to lead the living army against the dead one…and I’ll be sitting over here, waiting for them to finally acknowledge their feelings for each other. Sure, everything is happening pretty fast between them but I believe it because I believe in it. I believe that you can fall in love with someone quickly and I see their feelings for each other the same way everyone else does. All of the foreshadowings on Jon and Dany’s children was not missed. She can’t have children? Jon will give her some. Ha! I have some theories on Cersei, her fate and what is going on where she’s at but that’s for next week…this post is long enough. Are you watching Game of Thrones? Are you as obsessed with it as I am? How are you liking this season? Are you ready for the season finale? (I’m not)

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8 responses to “TV Tuesday (2)

  1. I just watched episode 6 last night, so I’m caught up. I’m 100% with you about Sansa & Arya. Abso-freaking-lutely! I have no doubt Aryn knew the trap Littlefinger was trying to lay and knew he was watching. I can’t wait for him to get his. O, and the suicide squad … did they not take dragon glass with them? And I KNEW that would happen to one of the dragons. Dammit.

    • Rowena

      Isn’t it such a great show? I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself after next season. Probably cry for a month. LOL. I guess there wasn’t enough time to mine the dragon glass while they were on Dragonstone? There was only time for Jon and Dany to fall in love. Ha!

  2. Sylvia

    Omg this season has been awesome!!! And when the dragon went down the night king moved up on my list over cersci. And I hate her so much. I hope ayra and Sansa are cooking something up cause how can after all that training could arya be spied upon. Grrr. I’m still hella pissed at sam for interrupting gilly about Jon being freaking legitimate!!

    • Rowena

      Dude, right??!! I am so loving how everything is finally happening. No more build up, all action. Woot! Yep, I can’t wait for the final war where the Night King dies. Have you heard the theories that Bran is the Night King? There are so many theories going around and my mind is blown on some of them.

      Sam doesn’t know!…but holy cow is he going to be surprised when he finds out!

  3. I am so obsessed!! This season has ben awesome. I really hope you are right with Sansa and Arya. I really hope Littlefinger gets offed soon. He’s so slimy. That trip with Jon was the dumbest thing ever!! But man it was awesome to see the dragons there but so unfortunate with losing one. Can’t wait for the season finale!

    • Rowena

      Hey Grace! I’m so glad to see that a lot of my blog friends are obsessed with this show as much as I am. It’s so freaking good. I’ve got my fingers crossed and my hopes up that all is behind the scenes well between the Stark sisters. I’m still itching for that Jon and Arya reunion. Their reunion is the one that I’m most looking forward to.

      Cersei isn’t going to send her armies north to help against the white walkers, she’s going to do exactly what Dany thought she’d do and then…I bet Jamie will be the one that kills her. At least I hope so…then Jamie’s redemption arc will be complete.

  4. Well this was a hell of GoT dissection. I haven’t been watching all the seasons but I somehow caught this one as my stepdad has been watching it and I have been drawn in. I know the basics, I’ve seen season 1 and read some of the books, I get what’s happening. I do think Arya and Sansa are smarter than they seem, I don’t think Littlefinger has succeeded in turning them against one another but I wish there was a small hint of this fact because it can be frustrating when they seem to be touching at old wounds. I’m so excited for an Arya/Jon reunion, though. They are each others favourites siblings really.

    I did love the mismatched group marching beyond the wall, they were all a bit of a comedy act at times and I loved it. i was cackling along with their jokes and then the Hound went and chucked that rock, honestly. I do have to question where those chains came from with the dragon. They were marching why would they be carrying massive ass chains around?

    I am not a big Daenerys/Jon shipper mostly because they’ve always had very different goals and paths. That being said I can see why people get behind them and do ship and I like the little shipper moments I know will get people flailing.

    • Rowena

      Same! I have gotten so mad at people throughout the last few weeks who have been comparing Arya to freaking Ramsey Bolton. Ugh. Don’t ever! I’m super looking forward to a Jon and Arya reunion. It’s been SO LONG since they last saw each other and I want to see his face when he realizes that she still has Needle. Awww.

      I love that the merry band of warriors marching north of the wall all hated each other and were grumpy about traveling with each other but man did they put their shit aside and fought together.

      I ship the hell out of Jon and Daenerys because though their goals have been different and their paths never crossed before, they compliment each other. She could use his calm presence and he could use some of her fire. Gah, I’m complete trash for those two. Love them. Just love the hell out of them on their own and together.

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