Week in Review (72)

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! This post is coming to you guys a little late because I spent yesterday with my sister before she headed back to Vegas. It was great having her home for the weekend and we were really productive. We karaoked, we did ratchet things, we met our new nephew Jaxson, we went to Church, the cemetery and hung out with our Dad. That guy is the funniest person I know. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday and that everyone ate lots and spent time with your loved ones. I love the holiday season and spending time with the family is one of my favorite things as well.

What I’m Currently Reading

The Ones that Got Away by Roni Loren.
Liv’s words cut off as Finn got closer. The man approaching was nothing like the boy she’d known. The bulky football muscles had streamlined into a harder, leaner package and the look in his deep green eyes held no trace of boyish innocence. It’s been twelve years since tragedy struck the senior class of Long Acre High School. Only a few students survived that fateful night—a group the media dubbed The Ones Who Got Away. Liv Arias thought she’d never return to Long Acre—until a documentary brings her and the other survivors back home. Suddenly her old flame, Finn Dorsey, is closer than ever, and their attraction is still white-hot. When a searing kiss reignites their passion, Liv realizes this rough-around-the-edges cop might be exactly what she needs…
Ever since I read the blurb for this book, I wanted to read it. I couldn’t wait to request it for review because I was anxious and didn’t want to wait that long to read it. I can’t even imagine being in Liv’s shoes to be reunited with the man who left her behind to die. Sure, he’s not the same boy that she remembered but I’m mighty curious to see how these two come together again after all of that. They both survived a school shooting and she loved him fiercely and he wanted to keep her his secret. Curiouser and curiouser…that’s me. So far, the book is good and I’m anxious to continue but freaking work has gotten in the middle of that. Gah.

What I Read

Bountiful (True North #4) by Sarina Bowen | 4.75 out of 5 Hooking Up (Shacking Up #2) by Helena Hunting | 4.25 out of 5
I just read two books last week and I’m blaming Thanksgiving for that. I was so busy getting our house ready for everyone to come over, cooking and spending as much time as I can with my family so I’m happy that I still managed to read a couple of books. I enjoyed both of the books that I read but my favorite read of the week goes to Bountiful by Sarina Bowen. Holy cow, I adored that book. From Zara and Dave coming together to seeing Dave come into his own as Nicole’s father and then the romance between Dave and Zara was sweet at the same time that it was steamy. Hooking Up was a lot of fun. It started off a little off for me because one of the scenes, in the beginning, turned me off but I’m glad that I continued on because I ended up loving both Lex and Amie. They were a great couple.

What I Reviewed

The Layover (2017) | 2 out of 5 Head Coach by Lia Riley | 4 out of 5 Changing the Game (Play by Play #2) by Jaci Burton | 4 out of 5 Table Manners by Mia King | 4 out of 5

What I Posted

Nothing. I’m working on stuff but not posting them yet. You’ll see more on the blog in the coming weeks.
There you have it, my week in review. How was your week?

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