Throwback Thursday (26)

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This week’s Throwback Thursday goes out to my niece Brookey. Brookey is in fourth grade right now and back when she was about 4 years old, our family went out to Las Vegas for our annual summer vacation for basketball and like usual, the kids swam all day and all night.

So on this particular day, Kainoa, Ahbrey and Brookey get ready for the pool and take this picture.

(From L-R): Brooke, Ahbrey and Kainoa

Aren’t they cute? They take their picture and then rush out to the pool and then five minutes later, they come back because….

…Brookey shut the pool down because she had an accident. LOL. Oh, this is such a funny memory because Brooke is a savage now. She’s graduated from pool accidents to cyber beef fights with Ahbrey on Snapchat. LOL. Too funny.

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