Book Boyfriend of the Week: Mick Trewlove from Beyond Scandal and Desire

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Lorraine Heath never fails to write fantastic historical romances that always melt my heart. Her stories are always fun, funny and super sweet. I’m always laughing, happy sighing and far often than not, I tear up or flat out cry. That was the case with getting to know this week’s book boyfriend.

Mick Trewlove grew up in squalor. When he was pretty young, he discovered that he was the product of an affair that a Duke had with an unknown woman. As he’s trying to make a name for himself, become his own man, the consequences that his father should have paid, are being paid by himself and that really grates on Mick because he shouldn’t have to pay for his father’s sins.

He’d climbed as far as he could up the social ladder. To reach the higher rungs, others had to fall—far and spectacularly, like fireworks burning out on their way down. He would be paid what he was owed. And God’s mercy on anyone who stood in his way.

So he gets angry…and he plans to get even. Holy cow, Mick’s story was such a fascinating story because there was so much at play there. There was his revenge against his father, the story of him getting to know his brother, falling in love with his heroine but then there was the background story of the way that the nobility took care of their bastards back in the day. I found all of that so interesting and Mick’s evolution from the man we met at the beginning and then the man he grew to be at the end…two completely different and yet completely lovable men.

Beyond Scandal & Desire by Lorraine Heath
Series: Sins for All Seasons #1
Genres: Historical, Romance
Publisher: Harper Collins, Avon

At birth, Mick Trewlove, the illegitimate son of a duke, was handed over to a commoner. Despite his lowly upbringing, Mick has become a successful businessman, but all his wealth hasn’t satisfied his need for revenge against the man who still won’t acknowledge him. What else can Mick do but destroy the duke’s legitimate son—and woo the heir’s betrothed into his own unloving arms . . .

Orphaned and sheltered, Lady Aslyn Hastings longs for a bit of adventure. With her intended often preoccupied, Aslyn finds herself drawn to a darkly handsome entrepreneur who seems to understand her so well. Surely a lady of her station should avoid Mick Trewlove. If only he weren’t so irresistible . . .

As secrets are about to be exposed, Mick must decide if his plan for vengeance is worth risking what his heart truly desires.

Mick is the oldest of Ettie Trewlove’s brood and he loves his family to distraction. He’s got 3 brothers and 2 sisters. His brothers each have their own thing going on while his sister Gillie owns her own bar. His youngest sister Fancy wants to own her own bookstore and wants Mick to procure her a shop so we’ll see if that ever happens but what makes Mick stand out above the rest of his siblings is how he’s the leader of the family.

He takes great care of his Mom and younger siblings and what I really liked about his story was watching him learn to let someone else care for him. It wasn’t easy and he kept secrets from the one person who was falling head over heels in love with him but after some bumps in the road, Mick gets it right and he gets the girl.

Here is how I pictured Mick with his beard and striking blue eyes.

Hot stuff, right? Gah. Mick’s book was fantastic and getting to know him was a real treat. If you haven’t read his book, put it on your TBR list because it’s a delightful romance that will definitely melt your heart.

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Beyond Scandal & Desire by Lorraine Heath
January 30, 2018
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