The Weekly Recap (97)

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This week was for housesitting for my sister who was in Oregon for her husband’s family reunion. They’re on their way home so I get to go back to my house and sleep in my bed again.

I also joined Nick and Addicted to Romance’s online book club and I’m meeting so many awesome new book friends so if you’re interested in that, message Nick on Twitter and she’ll send you an invite. Check it out:

Now, onto the books…

What I’m Currently Reading
The Weekly Recap (97)Grumpy Fake Boyfriend
by Jackie Lau
Series: Kwan Sisters #1
Published by Jackie Lau on May 22, 2018
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Point of View:Alternating First Person
Pages: 167
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
Add It: Goodreads

I'm a pretty simple guy. When I'm not writing a science fiction novel, I'm watching a good movie or reading a book. Alone. I like my reclusive life. That is, until my only friend asks for a favor—pretend to be his baby sister's boyfriend on a couples' getaway. Her ex is going to be there and she needs me as a buffer.

I should have said no, but Naomi is bubbly, energetic, and beautiful. She also means everything to her brother. But now, our fake romance is starting to feel all too real, and I find myself stuck between the promise I made to my friend and risking my heart to the one woman who might actually get me…

I’m starting this book today. It’s been on my TBR for a while now and I’m going to do a buddy review with Ames for this book this month so I might as well get it read, right? Fingers crossed that it will be a good read, I can already tell that it’s going to be a fast read so yay!

I’ve heard mixed reviews on this one so I’m kind of anxious and worried but I’m going in anyway. See you guys on the other side…:)

What I Read

A Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole | 4.25 out of 5
Midnight Rainbow by Linda Howard | 4 out of 5
Forget You, Ethan by Whitney G. | 3.75 out of 5
The Chase by Elle Kennedy | 4 out of 5

Book Boyfriend

Tavish McKenzie
A Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole

What I Reviewed

Dying to Please by Linda Howard | 4 out of 5
A Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole | 4.25 out of 5

What I Posted

The Weekly Recap (96)
My TBR Pile: August 2018
Can’t Wait Wednesday: The Chase by Elle Kennedy

What I Got

Hot & Bothered (Out of Uniform #1-3) by Elle Kennedy
A Little Bit of Hot (Out of Uniform #9.5) by Elle Kennedy
Feeling Hot (Out of Uniform #7) by Elle Kennedy
The Chase (Briar U #1) by Elle Kennedy

What I Got for Review

America’s Sweetheart (Real Love #5) by Jessica Lemmon
Forget You, Ethan by Whitney G.

What Made Me Laugh

There you have it, my weekly recap. How was your week? Read or see anything good?

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6 responses to “The Weekly Recap (97)

    • Rowena

      I’m having a blast in the reading group, lots of new faces to me and like you, I love meeting new romance readers.

    • Rowena

      LOL, there are quite a bunch of us there chatting so it makes sense that your notification blew up. Come and join the fun!

  1. I always get thrown off by staying somewhere different and not getting to sleep in my own bed. I think there’s something so satisfying about getting back to it though. Love you’re advertising the romance book club as well! I need to check out all the books properly and cast my vote but I’m excited! What a cool idea, why had no one thought of it before? Can’t wait to see what you think of Grumpy Fake Boyfriend because I’m like you, there’s mixed reviews so I haven’t bought it yet. I’ve recently finished Duke by Default and I’m with you on Tavish being a current book boyfriend. I need to get Scotland and find my own Tavish, reckon sexy sword makers are common?

    • Rowena

      Yep, that’s exactly how I felt for most of the weekend. Out of sorts. My niece’s bed where I stayed was super comfortable but it wasn’t my bed. My brand spankin’ new lovely bed. It was really good to be back in my own space so I’m happy.

      Isn’t it such a cool place? I love our book club.

      Grumpy Fake Boyfriend ended up being a DNF. It started off pretty good and I was hopeful but after two days, I threw in the towel. I wasn’t really interested in what was going on and I don’t even know, it was just boring to me. Meh.

      Let me know when you go to Scotland to find your own Tav, I’ll tag alone to find mine. 😉

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