Five Christmas Movies I Want to Watch

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With Thanksgiving behind us, it is now time to focus on the next big thing in holiday celebrations and that is Christmas. If you’re anything like me, my sisters and my best friend then you are addicted to those cheesy Christmas romance movie that are popular on the Hallmark channel. Netflix has decided to get in on that action because they have a bunch of Christmas movies out or coming out that I’m definitely looking forward to. Here’s a list of Christmas movies that I can’t wait to watch over the next month or so.

1. The Christmas Contract (Hallmark)

One Tree Hill is one of a handful of tv shows that I watched from the very first episode until the very last episode. No skipping, no quitting, just a whole lot of loyalty. Even when Lucas and Peyton left the show, I still watched it for Nathan and Haley then Brooke Davis and everyone else. So when I heard that most of the OTH gang was doing a Hallmark Christmas movie together, it flew to the very top of my wish list. I cannot wait to see Peyton and Clay fall in love in this movie. Haha, sorry Lucas!

2. Hope at Christmas (Hallmark)

I watched Ryan Paevey in Unleashing Mr. Darcy last year and really enjoyed him as an actor so when I saw that he’s got a new Christmas movie coming out, I watched the trailer and am on board. He looks like he’s playing another complete sweetheart and really, count me in on all things Ryan Paevey!

3. The Holiday Calendar (Netflix)

Bonnie Bennett from Vampire Diaries is now a photographer and has moved on from losing Enzo by the looks of it as she falls in love with her new best friend Josh who is all kinds of cutie. This is the first Netflix Christmas movie that caught my attention. I have plans to watch this movie pronto with my nieces.

4. The Princess Switch (Netflix)

Vanessa Ann Hudgens is another actress that I have liked ever since her High School Musical days. She’ll always be Gabriella to me and seeing her come out with a Christmas movie with a love interest in Sam from Nashville? Yeah, I’m totally watching this one.

5. Road to Christmas (Hallmark)

I guess Lucas couldn’t be left out of the Christmas movie making business because Chad Michael Murray is starring in Road to Christmas on the Hallmark channel and I’m so here for it. I adored CMM as Lucas Scott and can’t wait to see what he’s up to these days since I don’t watch any of the other shows he’s been on. I’m sure this one will be great, too!

Are you a huge fan of cheesy Christmas movies like I am? What movies are you looking forward to this year? Any favorite Hallmark Christmas movies you want to share? Comment below!

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