Book Boyfriend: Dallas Walker from Wait for It by Mariana Zapata

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This feature keeps changing because I’m trying different things out but I think I’m going to stick with this format from here on out. Thanks for coming along this ride until I figure out what the hell I want to do here. LOL.

Book Boyfriend: Dallas Walker from Wait for It by Mariana ZapataWait for It
by Mariana Zapata
Published by Mariana Zapata on December 7, 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Point of View:First Person
Pages: 670
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
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If anyone ever said being an adult was easy, they hadn't been one long enough. Diana Casillas can admit it: she doesn't know what the hell she's doing half the time. How she's made it through the last two years of her life without killing anyone is nothing short of a miracle. Being a grown-up wasn't supposed to be so hard. With a new house, two little boys she inherited the most painful possible way, a giant dog, a job she usually loves, more than enough family, and friends, she has almost everything she could ever ask for. Except for a boyfriend. Or a husband. But who needs either one of those?

As we close out the year, I’ve been thinking back on the books that I’m reading and the characters that have wormed their way into my heart over the year and Dallas Walker is definitely a part of my favorites list. I loved that he was mysterious and sexy and broody and just everything that I love in a hero. I loved the dedication he showed with the boys, the baseball team and the patience he had with what he was feeling for Diana. There were loads of complications between him and Diana and he took the time to make things right before he took that step with her. The slow burn was real in this one because Dallas made Diana wake and seeing them become friends before moving further was a treat.

Dallas was a protector and caring man that came into both Louie and Josh’s lives. I loved that he stuck around to be a father figure to Josh and how he really loved being there for them. He loved helping them and needing them as much as they needed him. Dallas was an overall great guy and just my kind of hero. Diana was lucky to have him but he was also really lucky to have them. What a great guy this one was!

β€œDon’t put me into that position because I know she”-he tipped his head toward me-“only bites when she has to, and I will always take her side. Are we clear on that?”

This scene right here got me right in my feels. Diana was having a hard time with the parents of the boys on Josh’s new baseball team and Dallas, the coach, got things right this time around. Gah, so freaking good! I feel a re-read coming on.

His book is pretty damn good too so if you haven’t read it, you should. Don’t let the length of the novel scare you. I read the entire thing in one sitting, it was that good. The story moves fast and the characters will take up residence in your heart. It’s such a great read and you can read my review of the book with my buddy Ames here. So good, I promise!

Hero Casting

This is who I pictured whenever Zapata described Dallas with his too short haircut, his stocky build, his overall sexiness.

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Have you read Wait for It by Mariana Zapata? Did you love Dallas as much as I did? Share your love in the comments!


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10 responses to “Book Boyfriend: Dallas Walker from Wait for It by Mariana Zapata

      • Not really. I guess I was turned-off by the first and only book I read from her? It was The Wall of Winnipeg and Me and I even wrote a DNF review for it. I DNFd at about 72% and there just wasn’t any relationship development between h/H. Also, hero was unlikeable.. I’ve actually enjoyed slow burn romances now.. so now I’m a bit wary starting an MZ book..

        • I enjoyed The Wall of Winnipeg and Me but not nearly as much as everyone else did so I totally get what you mean. The hero was hard to like but I’m glad that I stuck with it because in the end, they were pretty great together. This book was definitely way different and the slow burn worked magic for me.

  1. Damn, that’s how you imagine Dallas looks from Wait For It? Why have I not been reading if that’s the case? I’m glad I made a resolution not to buy new books because I might get around to reading it. I need some of that in my reading life.

    • She’s really good at slow burn romances so the next time you’re in the mood for one of those, you should definitely try this one out. She’s good, I promise!

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