The Weekly Recap (116)

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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated this feature on the blog so I figured, it was time to get back to it. In the time since I last updated, Christmas came and went, New Years came and went and Caiden came and went. The BYU kids came home for the holidays (well after Christmas but before New Years) but they’re back at school and our days have gotten back to normal.

My car was in the shop for a little bit because I needed to replace my power steering pump and hose and also my alternator and then my battery because my power steering pump was leaking directly onto my alternator and messed everything all up so I had to pay to get that fixed so my car is back and everything is a lot better. I think. I’m broke as shit but everything is fixed so thank goodness.

Now, onto the books…

What I’m Currently Reading
The Weekly Recap (116)Governess Gone Rogue
by Laura Lee Guhrke
Series: Dear Lady Truelove #3
Published by Harper Collins, Avon on January 29, 2019
Genres: Historical, Romance
Point of View:Alternating Third Person
Pages: 384
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss
Add It: Goodreads
Reading Challenges:2019 GoodReads Challenge

Dear Lady Truelove...

My twin brother and I need a new mother, though Papa insists he'll never marry again. Must be nice, brainy, and fond of cats...

Lady Truelove may be London's most famous advice columnist, but James St. Clair, the Earl of Kenyon, knows his wild young sons need a tutor, not a new mother. They need a man tough enough to make his hellions tow the line, and James is determined to find one.

Miss Amanda Leighton, former schoolteacher and governess, knows she has all the qualifications to be a tutor. And while female tutors are unheard of, Amanda isn't about to lose the chance at her dream job because of pesky details like that. If Lord Kenyon insists on hiring a man, then she has only one option.

Jamie isn't sure what to make of his new employee, until he realizes the shocking truth—beneath the ill-fitting suits, his boys' tutor is a woman. An unconventional, outspoken, thoroughly intriguing woman. Despite Amanda's deception, he can't dismiss her when his boys are learning so much. Yet Jamie, too, is learning surprising lessons—about desire, seduction, and passionate second chances.

I really, really need to get a jump start on my reading for this year but I blame Game of Thrones. I’m reading this book but I’m mostly watching season 3 of Game of Thrones. I had forgotten how much rage I felt every time Joffrey was on the screen. As for the book, I’m enjoying it so far. The heroine is pretending to be a boy to be a tutor for a set of boy twins…and the back and forth between her and the hero is fun.

What I Read

The One You Fight For (The Ones that Got Away #3) by Roni Loren | 4 out of 5
Famous in a Small Town by Emma Mills | 4 out of 5
Illegally Yours (Laws of Attraction #2) by Kate Meader | 4 out of 5
Playing for Keeps (Heartbreaker Bay #7) by Jill Shalvis | 4 out of 5
99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne | 4 out of 5

I enjoyed all of the books that I read in the last couple of weeks. I think my favorite of the bunch though would probably be The One You Fight For by Roni Loren. It was hard to get through but I enjoyed it and I cried a lot. I thought Loren handled that romance so well. I don’t have a least favorite, not this week anyway.

Book Boyfriend

Jax Blackwood
Fall by Kristen Callihan

What I Reviewed

My Favorite Half Night Stand by Christina Lauren | 4 out of 5

What I Posted

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What I Got

The Deal (Off Campus #1) by Elle Kennedy (Audiobook)

What I Got for Review

Only a Breath Away by Katie McGarry

What Made Me Laugh

There you have it, my week in review. How was your week?

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8 responses to “The Weekly Recap (116)

  1. Amber Elise

    Cars sound so stressful and expensive. My husband has our only car and I know nothing about the care.

    So happy to hear that you enjoyed the new Roni Loren, I’ve read the second book, so I want to read the first one before I dive into this one. I like books that make me cry.

    Happy new year!

    • Hey you! Yeah, I was a little worried about how I was going to pay for everything but it worked out so I’m glad for that, and my car is running so much better so I can’t complain too much.

      You should definitely read The One You Fight For, I really enjoyed it!

      Happy New Year to you too, Amber!

  2. I’m happy to hear you’re doing well, Rowena. The car situation is unfortunate though. 🙁 I hate when unexpected costs like that come up, especially around/after the holidays.
    It does sound like you’ve had some wonderful reads, however. I need to get the Katie McGarry book when it releases. I always enjoy her stories.

    • Thanks, Nick! I’m just glad my car is fixed and I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Thank goodness for AAA.

      I’ll let you know what I think of the books once I get around to reading it. 🙂

  3. Ugh, car repairs are the worst. Always inconvenient and always so expensive. Hope everything is good now. I really need to start that Kristen Callihan series. I’ve read one other book by her a few years ago and really enjoyed so I definitely want to read more. Hooray for the new Katie McGarry release! I got declined by NetGalley (how dare they! LOL) but I should still be on the InkSlinger blog tour so I imagine I’ll get the earl in the next few days. Katie never disappoints!

    • Yes, my New Year was spent indoors because I was a ball of stress trying to move money around to make sure the repairs were paid for.

      The Kristen Callihan series is a good one so if you like Sarina Bowen’s True North books, you should love these as well. 🙂

  4. Wow, your car went into the shop for a lot but glad it’s all working again. Even if you are totally broke now. And with everything going on and everyone about around Christmas and New Year I bet things feel a whole lot quiet now.

    Everyone seems to be reading Famous in a Small Town lately and I’m jealous. I am going to have to buy this book but I said I was going to read the rest of Emma Mills releases first. I read The One You Fight For this week and utterly loved it, I don’t know how Roni Loren does it but this series always hits me in the feels and makes me fall in love with the characters. And Governess Gone Rogue sounds fun, can’t wait to see your thoughts on that one.

    • Yeah, everything is back up and running great again so I can’t complain too much about how much it cost to fix. I’m just glad that it’s over and done with and I’m not so broke anymore.

      I thought The One You Fight For was so good too! I cried a lot reading that one. I’m anxious for Kincaid’s book. *squee*

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