My 2019 Most Anticipated Reads

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I meant to do this a couple of weeks ago and time got away from me but I’m still going to do it because I think it’s a cool thing to do and I’m curious on how many of these I’ll actually read and love. I’ve seen this around blogland and a bunch of my favorite bloggers posted the books that they’re looking forward to releasing the most this year and then at the end of the year, or beginning of the next year, they’ll tally up the number of books from this list that they read and enjoyed.
[one_fifth] JAN 22 AMZ | B&N[/one_fifth] [one_fifth] JAN 29 AMZ | B&N[/one_fifth] [one_fifth] FEB 12 AMZ | B&N | GOOGLE[/one_fifth] [one_fifth] FEB 18 AMZ | B&N[/one_fifth] [one_fifth] FEB 19 AMZ | B&N | GOOGLE[/one_fifth] [one_fifth] FEB 26 AMZ | B&N | GOOGLE[/one_fifth] [one_fifth] MAY 7 AMZ | B&N | GOOGLE[/one_fifth] [one_fifth] MAY 28 AMZ | B&N[/one_fifth] [one_fifth] JUN 4 AMZ | B&N | GOOGLE[/one_fifth] [one_fifth] JUL 30 AMZ | B&N | GOOGLE[/one_fifth] [one_fifth] AUG 27 AMZ | B&N | GOOGLE[/one_fifth] [one_fifth] AUG 27 AMZ | B&N[/one_fifth] [one_fifth] OCT 29 AMZ | B&N | GOOGLE[/one_fifth]
                                There you have it, my most anticipated list for 2019. Are you surprised that Lauren Layne is on here? How about The Bride Test by Helen Hoang? If you know me then you shouldn’t be surprised by anything on this list because I’ve made no secret about the fact that I love each and every single author listed on this list. I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on all of these books, some I already got because it’s already February and I still didn’t get this posted but still…squee, one more week before Huge Deal.
What are some of your most anticipated releases for 2019? Anything not listed here? Share in the comments!

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12 responses to “My 2019 Most Anticipated Reads

  1. I can’t wait for most of these books. I’ve just gone and preordered the next Tessa Dare because I know I don’t have that one preordered yet and I cannot wait for The Bride Test. I forgot about Sarah MacLean’s next book. I need to get better at keeping track of releases!

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