Eye Candy Friday: Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

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Eye Candy Friday is all about the heroes that I’m loving and wanting to spotlight right now. Sometimes I’ll do full-on gush fest posts on why I love these guys, sometimes I’ll post pictures of what I think these guys look like and that’s it but if they’re featured here, the one thing that will be constant is I loved the hell out of these guys and want everyone to know. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

You guys, it’s Game of Thrones week. After a long ass wait, we are finally going to find out the fate of all of our favorites from this fucked up and yet, still quite addicting show. Today’s boyfriend is Jon Snow. From the very first moment that we meet him in the first season, I’ve had a soft spot for him. I hated all of his enemies and rejoiced in all of his victories. His story has been my favorite from the jump and I’m pretty anxious to see where his character ends up after the long night.

He’s been through a lot over the course of this series and in two days, the final season begins and I’m so excited. Like Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell excited. I’m sure that the writers and producers are going to knock us on our asses with each of these final episodes and I’m so here for it.

Here’s my boo thang from previous seasons…

Bring on the madness, I say…and don’t bother trying to reach me on Sundays for the next 6 weeks. My weekends are promised to the King in the North because WINTER IS HERE BITCHES!!!

Game of Thrones

Until next week…enjoy!

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8 responses to “Eye Candy Friday: Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

  1. Amber Elise

    GOT got a bit too violent for me, I think I stopped on season 3? Or was it 4? Who knows. Did you see Kit Harrington on SNL?

    • I did see SNL with Kit Harrington. That opening bit had me cracking up.

      Yeah, the show is definitely violent but it’s also super interesting with the different plots and characters and all of the twists and turns. I love it.

  2. I do love me some Game of Thrones (don’t tell anyone but I missed a couple of seasons and am too lazy to catch up so I’m stumlbing through confused at moments). We don’t get it until Monday night so I have to avoid all spoilers each day but that’s fine. I just want to know how they’ll end the show (even though it probably won’t be how the books end up going… if the series ever gets finished).

    • Which seasons did you miss? It took me forever to watch season 5 and after what happened in the finale in that season, I almost didn’t watch the rest of the seasons. I’m so glad that I didn’t let myself quit this show though. I can fill you in if you need me to, just let me know. 🙂

  3. I haven’t watched GOT, I don’t think it’s the show for me, but I love how excited everyone has been! I hope it’s everything you asked for! 🙂

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