TV Tuesday: Game of Thrones: Season 8, Episode 1

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Winter is finally here, bitches!

After over a year of waiting for the new season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, it’s finally back and I’m here to talk about this week’s episode because I need to get all of this out. The main theme of this week’s episode was reunions and a lot of the reunions that I’ve been itching for happened and I’m a happy camper. I’m just going to a rundown of my thoughts, by each family.

The Starks

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Jon: Poor Jon. Everyone is mad at him and he’s just trying to protect everyone from the bigger threat that is heading their way. Last season, I was too busy cheering that my ship finally met and set sail on the Ocean of Bang City that I didn’t even realize the shitstorm he was walking into. Heading home to the people that crowned him King, only he’s not a King anymore. He gave the crown away and he’s bringing a stranger Queen with him. A Queen with a family history that doesn’t speak well for them and their home. It seems that the person that is the most pissed at him is Sansa. I don’t think Jon understands where Sansa is coming from. Or that he understands what Sansa has been through, losing her home, her safe place and then returning and finally feeling safe again for Jon to give away their home again to a Southern girl that Sansa doesn’t know or trust.

As if that wasn’t enough shit at Jon’s door, he’s also dealt the parent blow from Sam. He’s not Jon Snow, Eddard Stark isn’t his father. He’s been lied to his whole life and he just gave up his crown but now Sam is trying to saddle him with more titles and more crowns? Haha, honestly, poor Jon. I knew that Jon was going to find out the truth about who he really is in the first episode but I thought Daenerys would find out with him and that it would be the kind of conflict that is out in the front of them from the jump but only Jon knows right now…is he going to tell Daenerys the truth or wait?

Sansa: It’s so funny to see how much I love Sansa these days. During my first go-round of the series (I started the show when the first season premiered so I didn’t get to binge it), I could not stand her. She made so many bad choices as a young girl, worried about the wrong things, pouted too much and I just didn’t like her character at all. I felt like Arya did…but after watching the entire series again to prepare myself this season, my feelings toward Sansa changed and she’s still not one of my favorites but I admire the hell out of her and I understood her instant dislike of Daenerys. Daenerys better not underestimate Sansa…that would be bad for Daenerys. Very bad for her.

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Arya: I was so here for Arya’s reunion with Jon. I think of everything that I was looking forward to with this season, their reunion was near the very top of that list. It’s been years since they’ve seen each other and unlike Sansa, Jon has always had such a great relationship with the youngest Stark sister. Seeing each other after all these years, Jon returns to Winterfell and everyone is mad at him. I loved seeing Arya remind him that he’s a Stark, that he’s from the North and the North remembers. She loves him but she also wants him to remember that the North isn’t going to accept Daenerys just because he fell in love with her. Her family was responsible for a lot of the bad stuff that happened in the North and that’s not something that can be willed away just because Jon is focused on the bigger picture. It was also nice to see her stick up for Sansa, something that surprised even Jon. Still, at the end of the day, they’re family and Arya needs Jon to remember that. Gah, I loved it!

Another reunion that I was pretty anxious for was the reunion between Arya and her boo thang, Gendry. I loved seeing a lighter side to Arya, a side that Gendry is the only person that could bring out in the little assassin. She freaking giggled like a school girl and flirted with him. Awww, I love that Arya has love interest because I did ship Gendry and Arya back when they were traveling together all those seasons ago. I was hoping that when Gendry hit the scene for the first time this season that we’d get this Gendry:

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But, we can’t get everything we want and I still got the Arya and Gendry reunion that I wanted so that’s something.

Bran: This guy, man. Ever since he became the three-eyed raven, he’s morphed into the crazy uncle that stares off into the distance at every family gathering and everyone thinks he’s sleeping but nope, he’s just creeping on everyone and everything.

He’s in the background for the most part of episode 1, quietly moving the pieces around to fit his purposes. Telling Sam that he needs to tell Jon the truth about his parents right now. Telling Daenerys that they don’t have time for iron throne shit, the white walker army is fast approaching. And waiting for Jamie Lannister to get to Winterfell so that he can scare the shit out of him. I’m so here for finding out how things pan out for Bran this season. Will he end up being the Night King? Will he help the living win the war against the army of the dead? Fingers crossed.

That was a boss ass move that he made to the end the episode though. Bwahahahaha, freaking Bran. I love that strange little warg. The look on Jamie’s face was priceless…haha, he thought he would get away with slipping in undetected. Bran was sitting there waiting the whole damn episode for his old friend.

The Targaryens

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Daenerys: If I was annoyed with anyone in this episode, it was Daenerys. The way that she came swooping into Winterfell like she was the head bitch in town didn’t sit well with me. I mean, sure, she is the head bitch in town but Jon warned her that though he bent the knee to her, the North wasn’t going to fold so easily to her. Queen or not. I felt like she’s still the woman that wants to take back the throne she believes is rightfully hers no matter the cost. She’s so different from Jon Snow. Her attitude while in Winterfell felt like if she couldn’t get their love and devotion, she’ll settle for their fear. I don’t mess with that sort of thinking. Sansa and the North ain’t about that life either. She needs to earn their love and devotion, the way that Jon did. Sweeping into town like she’s come to save them from a villain they don’t even completely believe in ain’t the way. The North ain’t the one.

I’m really curious to see how she’ll deal with the fact that the throne she wants so bad belongs to Jon, not her. I don’t think Jon being her nephew is going to matter to her. She’s probably used to that with who her family is but, Jon? He just finds out that he’s banging his Aunt and he didn’t seem bothered by it either. LOL.

The whole scene with Sam didn’t go the way that she imagined it would go. She goes to him, to thank him for saving her friend and she ends up having to tell him that she killed his father and his brother. I wonder if she’ll start to realize that her actions have consequences, that in her quest to rise to the top, she’s done things that affect everyone around her. Hmm.

The Lannisters

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Jamie: Bwahahahaha, oh Jamie. Your past sins are coming back to bite you in the ass. I can’t wait to see you complete your redeem mission over the course of this season but hahaha, I’m still laughing at your face when you saw Bran at the end of the last episode.

Cersei: This bitch gives not one shit about anyone but herself. She continues to use her power for evil and now she’s going in on her brothers? The only family she has left? Hahaha, I can’t wait for Sansa to kill her ass. Please let Sansa be the one to kill her. Pretty, pretty please writers. As cool as I think elephants would be awesome on the show, I’m glad Cersei didn’t get them. Hahaha.

Tyrion: We didn’t get a lot of Tyrion this episode. I mean, he’s there but he’s mostly in the background. His reunion with Sansa went exactly as I hoped it would. I thought Sansa slayed that scene because Tyrion needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Cersei is evil and she will never care about anyone other than herself.

The Greyjoys

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Euron: He’s definitely going to turn on Cersei. He’s the kind of guy that cheers for whoever is winning and Cersei ain’t winning shit. He’s going to end up trying to get with Sansa after Sansa kills Cersei. Haha.

Yara: Hmm…can’t really say that I cared much about her scenes. I’m glad she’s out from under her Uncles thumb and that she’s as safe as she can be right now but as far as anything else? Meh.

Theon: I stopped caring about Theon when he turned on the Starks. Like Jon, I don’t hate him but I don’t care about him either. More meh for him.

Final Thoughts

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Overall, this episode was more of a set up for the rest of the season so it was a lot slower than I thought it’d be. I wasn’t mad about that though. I still enjoyed the episode. The reunions of cast members that haven’t seen each other since the beginning of this journey hit me in the feels and I loved seeing loved ones reunited and happy to be reunited with loved ones. I was super happy to see that Tormund and the others with him are alive and well, or as well as can be. I was super pissed that once again, House Glover refused the call. Stupid ass Glover. I hope the Night King gets them first.

I thought certain things would play out a certain way and though I was wrong about that, I’m still hopeful that the rest of the season will knock everyone on their asses and that it’s going to be a memorable season. There are a lot of things that I’m curious about, a lot of things I’m anxious for but I’m going to wait it out and see what else I’m wrong about. LOL.

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What else does Bran see and what else is he going to do? Will Jon tell Daenerys the truth about who he really is now or not? What will go down between Sansa and Daenerys? Who is going to die first? Is Cersei really pregnant? Is Bron really going to kill Jamie and Tyrion? There’s just so much to look keep track of but I’ll try my hardest here on the blog, every week for the next six weeks.

Until next week…enjoy!

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6 responses to “TV Tuesday: Game of Thrones: Season 8, Episode 1

    • Thanks, Genesis.

      I’m curious to know why Bran was staring at Tyrion the way that he was. Is it for something that happened already or something that Tyrion is going to do? Hmmm, curiouser and curiouser.

      I really enjoyed the reunion between Jon and Arya. It’s probably the thing that I’ve been most looking forward to in the final season, or at the very least, it’s high on the list. They were so close as kids and now they’re adults and so different from who they were the last time that they were together. Gah, I love this!

  1. Ashlea Daune

    I’ve been trying to watch Game of Thrones forever. I finally finished S1 Ep3. It took me nearly a year lol. I just feel like this isn’t one I’ll really be able to get into. I’m trying though.

    Ash @ JennRenee Read

    • Ha, yeah it’s not an easy show to watch. There’s so much information that you need to track, so many characters and different plot lines but man is it worth it when you’re coming up on the final season of the series and all of those different storylines are coming together and wrapping up. I love it!

      Stick with it and happy watching! 🙂

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