Eye Candy Friday: Lotus DuPree from Hook Shot by Kennedy Ryan

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Eye Candy Friday is all about the heroes that I’m loving and wanting to spotlight right now. Sometimes I’ll do full-on gush fest posts on why I love these guys, sometimes I’ll post pictures of what I think these guys look like and that’s it but if they’re featured here, the one thing that will be constant is I loved the hell out of these guys and want everyone to know. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Today’s Eye Candy Friday crush is Lotus DuPree from Hook Shot by Kennedy Ryan.

I loved the book but I loved Lotus the most because of how strong she was and how imperfectly perfect she was to me. She worked through some pretty tough stuff over the course of her book and I was rooting for her from the jump but what cemented her place as my favorite heroine of the year (so far), and the main reason she’s this week’s Eye Candy Friday, is how strong she was to give up one of the good things in her life for someone else. She did the hard work so that Kenan didn’t have to and she did it with love for someone that Kenan loved. Gah, she’s just the best and if you haven’t read her book, fix that. It’s soooooooo good.

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8 responses to “Eye Candy Friday: Lotus DuPree from Hook Shot by Kennedy Ryan

  1. This is a series I want to get to so badly. I like that this author tackles some tough issues so beautifully from what I hear. Planning on reading Long Shot pretty soon. I can’t wait to get to Hook Shot, not only for the gorgeous cover, but to get to know this lovely heroine that you adore so much. Hope I love her like you do.

  2. I still have to listen to Hook Shot! I got a free audio from the publisher and I can’t wait to download it to my phone! I LOVE Lotus! When I finished Long Shot, I was chatting with one of my friends and gushing about it and I was like: “I hope Lotus get’s her own HEA” and then I looked at Goodreads and found that her book is the third!

    I am bingeing Kennedy Ryan, by the way and her writing is AMAZING!

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