Happy Halloween 2019!

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Happy Halloween, everyone!

I hope everyone has a safe and exciting Halloween tonight. We’ve got a full house for our annual family Halloween party and…CAIDEN IS HERE!!! It’s our first Halloween with Caiden so we’re super excited that he’s finally going to share in the good time that we usually have without him. He’s been going back and forth on what he wants to be for Halloween but I’m hoping he sticks with his Hulk Smash costume because I want to paint his face green and walk the neighborhood with him while he trick-or-treats.

Every year, my sister goes all out for Halloween. She loves hosting her Halloween party and dressing up to pass out candy. The last few years, we’ve been watching the Dodgers in the World Series on Halloween or Lakers basketball but this year will be different since we don’t have any games to watch. I guess we’ll actually go trick or treating with the kids. We’ve made the teenagers take the kids the last couple of years but with Caiden here, it’ll be different, I’m sure.

Here are some pictures from our previous Halloween parties. Yeah, we really get into the holidays and Halloween isn’t even my favorite holiday.

However you guys are celebrating Halloween, I hope you’re doing it safely and that you have the best night. Happy Halloween again everyone and I’ll share more pictures from our Team Wilson Gang Halloween party later. 🙂


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6 responses to “Happy Halloween 2019!

  1. Happy Halloween! Hope you have a great time with whatever you end up doing, be it taking the kids trick or treating or staying in at your sister’s party. It’s crazy how you and your family seem to go all in for Halloween it’s just another day for us here in the UK, I’ve had a couple of kids knocking on the door but honestly I don’t get the hype. And you say this isn’t your favourite holiday and you all look pretty all in for it so I can’t help but wonder how crazy you get for your favourite holiday.

    • Thanks, Becky! Halloween was a blast! It’s not my favorite holiday but it’s one of my sister’s favorite holidays so she always goes all out. She makes Halloween snacks, she plays Halloween songs all day and night long, she dresses up and passes out candy. We all just fall in line and show up for her parties and laugh the night away.

  2. OMG. I would love to come to your sister’s Halloween party! That sounds awesome. If we have warmer weather up here in Canada during Halloween, I would so throw a bash regularly as well. And yum on the spread!

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