The Weekly Recap (141)

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This week was Halloween and Caiden was in town with his Mom to attend our family Halloween party for the first time. We were super excited for him to get here and he was the cutest Hulk Smash ever! It got dark really fast in California so we didn’t get a lot of pictures while the sun was up. Our neighborhood was hoppin’ too because we were still getting trick or treaters after 9pm. We had a good turn out for our party, the food was good and we had family in town for Chase’s senior night the next night.

Friday was for Chase. Big Uce graduates from high school this year and he’s playing in his last football season so we’ve been supporting him every week at the stadium, cheering for him and tailgating and you know, being together as a family. For Chase’s Senior Night, the family came out strong. Chloe, Markus, and Caiden came in from Utah. Uncle Chris and Aunty Ingrid came in from Vegas and then we had all of our local families in attendance as well. And we all got to walk out on the field with him during the Senior Recognition Night. It was a good game, even though Chase got into it with some guy from the other team but only the other guy got kicked out of the game because he actually swung on Chase.

All of my teams got wins on Friday. Chase won his game against South High School and the Lakers beat the Dallas Mavericks. Big ups for L.A. 🙂

Here’s our family picture at Chase’s senior night. This was before Chase got over to us. While we’re taking this picture, Chase is passing out candy lei’s to all of his homies.

Saturday was for our Roberts family baby shower for Niko and Britt and Logan! It was a fun baby shower and I was part of the kitchen crew. I didn’t mind my job since I got the recipe for a bomb ass broccoli salad that everyone loves. So as you can see, it was a busy week for me, which is why I only read one book this week.

Now, onto the books…

What I’m Currently Reading
The Weekly Recap (141)The One for You
by Roni Loren
Series: The Ones that Got Away #4
Also in this series: The One You Can't Forget
Published by Sourcebooks, Sourcebooks Casablanca on December 31, 2019
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Point of View:Third Person
Pages: 352
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss
Add It: Goodreads
Reading Challenges:2019 GoodReads Challenge

The highly-anticipated fourth book in Roni Loren's unforgettable The Ones Who Got Away series.

She got a second chance at life.Will she take a second chance at love?

Kincaid Breslin wasn't supposed to survive that fateful night at Long Acre when so many died, including her boyfriend—but survive she did. She doesn't know why she got that chance, but now she takes life by the horns and doesn't let anybody stand in her way

Ashton Isaacs was her best friend when disaster struck all those years ago, but he chose to run as far away as he could. Now fate has brought him back to town, and Ash doesn't know how to cope with his feelings for Kincaid and his grief over their lost friendship. For Ash has been carrying secrets, and he knows that once Kincaid learns the truth, he'll lose any chance he might have had with the only woman he's ever loved.

I only read one book last week and this week, I’m determined to get back on track. I’m reading this book and so far, so good. Nick really loved this one so I’m excited to dig more into Kincaid’s story.

What I Read

A Madness of Sunshine by Nalini Singh | 4 out of 5

Eye Candy Friday

Scott Turner
Love on Lexington by Lauren Layne

What I Reviewed

Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore | 4 out of 5

What I Posted

The Weekly Recap (140)
The Wednesday Post (21)
My TBR Pile: November 2019
Eye Candy Friday: Scott Turner from Love on Lexington Avenue by Lauren Layne

What I Got

It’s been a busy week for me so I haven’t purchased anything this week.

What I Got for Review

Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn
Meet Me at Midnight by Jessica Pennington

What Made Me Laugh

There you have it, my week in review. How was your week?


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  1. I only read one book and I don’t even have the excuse of being busy like you were. Looks like you had a whole heap of stuff on this week and from your photos everyone was having fun. I just got approved for The One For You and I am so psyched to read. I hope you enjoy it.

    • I haven’t been in the mood for reading so I still haven’t finished The One for You. I’m hoping that I’ll jump back into it and finish it this week but I just don’t know with the way that I’ve been reading lately. Gah.

      I hope you’re enjoying it!

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