5 Things I Did During Quarantine

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Hey guys!

Since it’s been a while since I’ve blogged on the regular, I thought I’d share some of the things that I’ve been up to lately. I’ve had a lot of time on my hands since quarantine first started and because most of my family is high risk, we’ve stuck close to home and tried to keep our exposure to just..each other.

So, here’s what I’ve been up to since March.

1. Had Korean BBQ at home

There’s a small Korean BBQ place near our house that our kids LOVE going to. Every time our Colorado family, or our Utah family come into town, the kids will always make time to hit up Furusato while they’re here. Nobody cares that the servers at Furusato are mean as hell and nobody cares that it’s such a small place that we always have to cram ourselves in because you can eat as much as you want for half the price you’d pay for the same food at big chain KBBQ spots like Gen. With Furusato and all of our other favorite restaurants closed for quarantine, we decided that we were going to have KBBQ at home. We hit up SMart for meats, got everything to make our favorite Korean side dishes and we even got our own little grills and single burners for our dumplings. Haha.

Quarantine really made us learn how to cook our favorite restaurant foods. We ate a lot of yakisoba too! It’s been a lot of fun learning to make food from different cultures and I’ve enjoyed the hell out of learning how to make them and eating the hell out of everything we make.

2. Discovered my local Asian Stores

I’ve never been one to grocery shop anywhere but the big chain grocery stores. Sometimes I go to the Mexican grocery store, the next town over to get carne asada but for the most part, all of my grocery shopping is done at Ralphs but during Quarantine, I became a regular shopper at SMart and H Mart, my local Asian grocery stores. I shop there more than I shop at Ralph’s now and they never run out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, paper towels, or rice. Total score!

3. Several Home Projects

Quarantine brought all of the kids home from school. When their schools started shutting down, all of our college kids came home to quarantine together and we spent almost 10 weeks fixing up the house. We finally got a bigger TV for our living room, we got rid of old stuff that should have been thrown out years ago, we cleaned up our backyard so that we’d actually want to hang out back there and I set up my official home office. Each week, we tackled different things and spent a lot of time working from home, working on our home and in the end, it was all worth it. Our house is finally rid of so much clutter, and it’s open and just the way that we’ve always wanted. I made my home office in my bedroom so that everyone didn’t have to tiptoe around me while I was in zoom meetings and on work calls and I’m very happy with the way that my home office turned out. It’s super pretty. I’ll think about sharing pictures of that soon..maybe. 🙂

4. Made a 40 Years of Friendship Collage for my Best Friend

So my group of friends and I turn 40 this year and it’s pretty crazy how my main core friends group have been friends for 40 years. Our families grew up together so we were all at each other’s first birthday parties, our siblings are all friends and our families are still really close. My best friend Therese was the first to turn 40 and while trying to figure out what to get her for her birthday since our birthday plans were shot because of the Stay at Home orders, I decided to make her a 40 years of friendship collage that she can hang in her home office. We were both setting up our home offices before her birthday so I thought it was the perfect gift and I got her some other little Naruto fangirl things that she can use to decorate her office. I made this photo collage that heavily features ME so that she can look at us over the years while she’s working and laugh at how freaking stupid we look in a lot of these pictures. Haha. But it came out great and I’m actually low key mad that I didn’t make one for myself.

5. Discovered Korean Dramas

As I’ve mentioned quite a few times, I discovered Korean dramas during quarantine and I have not come up for air where they are concerned. I have graduated from binge-watching one show at a time to watching a couple of shows at the same time. One show I binge watch (an older release) and one show is a new release that I have to wait for new episodes to release each week. It’s a good system for now. One of the main questions that I get when I tell people that I’m obsessed with all things Korean drama is, why do you watch them? And well, aside from them being good and the romances being super sweet, I also really love a lot of the Korean actors. Park Seo Joon and Gong Yoo top my man crush list these days. Talk about swoon-worthy.

It’s pretty funny because, before quarantine, my man crushes were these guys…

But now? My man crushes look more like these guys…

So yeah, that’s why I watch a lot of Korean dramas these days…haha.

How did you spend your quarantine time?

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6 responses to “5 Things I Did During Quarantine

    • Yeah, I’m pretty luck in the friends department. My best friend has seen me at my ugliest and at my prettiest and has supported me through all of my different phases. She’s good and stuck with me now. LOL.

      Girl, I am LOVING Korean dramas. There are so many good ones and I have so many to still watch. It’s been fun!

  1. Bernice Talanoa

    Hey Ween again I love your blogs and the pictures- I need to make a list of things I’ve done during this quarantine, but being that I’m at work well- I’ll have to make that list later. I love all the things you were able to do during this time. I’m super happy I made the friends collage lol! So glad I have someone to share my Kdrama addiction with. I remember a few years back our book club peeps saying you like that- I’m like yes sir! But all good. I have to say the Kdramas, the music, IG and Tik Tok have kept me going during this whole quarantine time- oh cant forget the good eats as well- Thanks for sharing!

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