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I’m on TikTok a lot these days and my For You Page is filled to the brim with K Drama fun. K Drama recommendations, K Drama actors we all know and love and lots of K Drama Checks. I’ve always wanted to do my own version of that video thread but here on the blog instead of on TikTok so here we go.

K Drama Check, show me…

Your First K Drama

Itaewon Class with Park Seo Jun

The show that started it all…this was such a great show. It wasn’t an easy watch by any stretch but it was such a satisfying ride. I’m SO glad that Chase recommended this show for me to watch because I seriously love me some Park Seo Jun.

The Most Recent One You Finished

Suits with Park Hyun Sik

I just finished this show yesterday, took me about two days to finish it from start to finish. I watched it because I was a huge fan of the American Suits and though I LOVED American Mike Ross, for me, Korean Mike Ross is where it’s at. I freaking love Park Hyun Sik. This show was a super condensed version of the American show with very few differences but I still ugly cried when everything goes down. I thought the ending for this show was much better than the American ending and I’m low key sad that I’m already done. Good stuff!

The One that You’re Currently Watching

W with Han Hyo Joo

I started this show last night and I’ve only watched two episodes but I’m curious enough about where this story goes so I’m going to keep watching. I really enjoyed Han Hyo Joo’s acting in The Beauty Inside so she’s what brought me around to this show.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay with Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji

This is the first show that I’ve watched as the show is airing for the public so I have to wait each week for new episodes. Before this one, I waited until all episodes were out before I binge watched it but this one? Holy shit, this one is good. It’s a lot darker than the typical Korean romance dramas but it’s freaking bomb. Both of the main leads are excellent actors and their story is compelling at the same time that it’s super sad. I’m SO looking forward to seeing where the rest of this season takes us.

The One that Made You Cry the Most

Goblin with Gong Yoo

Holy cow, this show was the bomb. From beginning to end, I was invested in what was happening, what these characters were going through and I wondered if Eun Tak was really the Goblin Bride. The slow burn of their romance, the super dramatic storyline about Goblin and his true mission of finding his bride was heartbreaking and hopeful. Gah, I love me some Gong Yoo and he played this part exceptionally well. This drama was so gooooood!

The One You Would Recommend Someone to Watch

Fight for My Way with Park Seo Jun

My number one boo thang right now is Park Seo Jun and I am making my way through his filmography so of course, I watched this one. And of course, this is the one that I’m recommending. This is a best friend trope that just hits all of the right notes with me. I loved the humor, the characters, the romance and I really, really loved Dong Man. Yeah, that’s his name and he was the bomb diggity. Go watch it!

Have you watched any of these shows? Tell me which ones you’ve watched and loved in the comments! I’m always up for new recommendations!

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