Eye Candy Friday: Sung Joon

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Eye Candy Friday is something that I’ve been doing since I first started my personal blog way back in 2003. That first personal blog is long gone but I’ve never really grown out of the eye candy phase. I’m always up for some eye candy. Whether it’s a character from a book (male or female, I don’t discriminate), a character from a movie or TV Show, if I loved them and want to gush about how much I loved them, you’ll find them here. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

This week, I’m featuring Park Seo Jun (haha, yes…again!) as Sung Joon from the Korean drama, She was Pretty. This was another fantastic character for Park Seo Jun. I’m convinced that he can’t play a bad character as far as I’m concerned. I’m biased, I know but since this is my blog, I do what I want. LOL.

In She was Pretty, Park Seo Jun plays a young professional who reunites with his childhood best friend, only things are a lot different. When he moved away when they were teenagers, Sung Joon was a chubby boy that didn’t get any girls while his best friend, Kim Hye Jin was gorgeous but a little nerdy and liked him anyway. Over the years, they lost touch but when Sung Joon comes back to Korea, he looks Hye Jin up and wants to meet up. Sung Joon is gorgeous now while Hye Jin has frizzy hair and acne, thanks to her father’s genes. Shenanigans happen but seeing Sung Joon struggle to find the best friend he adored back in the day made for a great viewing adventure. I loved seeing him grow into his feelings for the Hye Jin as she is now and I loved that when he finally realizes his best friend was right under his nose the entire time, I loved seeing him rejoice in her. That’s why he’s this week’s Eye Candy Friday. *swoon*

Until next week…enjoy!

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