The Weekly Recap (155)

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Happy Monday! Sorry for disappearing on you guys, one of my best friend’s Dad died and so my mind has been with her and her family. He was laid to rest last week and my friend is getting ready to go back home to Utah so yeah, I’ve been thinking about my friend. It’s never easy losing someone close to you so losing someone as close as your father is super hard and I’m trying to be available for her. On top of burying her Dad last week, they also celebrated his birthday without him.

As for me, I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it here on the blog but in two weeks, I’m moving from L.A. to Las Vegas so I’ve been getting ready for my move. Brenna and I are ready to start a new chapter in our lives and that chapter is taking us away from the only home the both of us have ever known. California is home, will always be home but I’m ready for a change so the countdown has begun.

Pretty soon, this will be me to L.A.

I’ll still be Lakers and Dodgers gang though and after last night…my Dodgers are going to the ship, y’all!! Oh man, I’m going to be a mess for the next series but holy shit, we came from behind to win this series and I hope that the Dodgers bring a trophy home just like the Lakers did. Let’s fucking go!!!!

Now, let’s get into all of the things that I did last week…
What I’m Currently Watching

Record of Youth
Tale of the Nine Tailed
Itaewon Class
BTS Bon Voyage, Season 2

I’m still watching Record of Youth and Tale of the Nine Tailed every week and they’re both really good. I was SO happy last week when my boo thang Park Seo Jun did his cameo on Record of Youth. The entire time he was on, I had a giant smile on my face and acted just like Hye Jun’s manager, Min Jae.

Man, I’ve missed watching him on my screen. I missed him so much that I started watching Itaewon Class again. My nephews RJ and Chance started watching it so I started watching it too. I still love that damn show to the moon and back. Along with my re-watch of Itaewon Class, I’m watching the second season of BTS Bon Voyage. The boys are in Hawaii and I normally watch it right before bed and I be cracking up, all loud and shit in the middle of the night because when Jungkook was singing Paper Hearts by Tori Kelly and then ran off with the money? That shit was so funny and then when Jimin started chasing him?? Hahahaha, oh man. I freaking love those boys.

What I Watched
I haven’t been binge-watching any Korean drama’s lately and that’s due, in large part, to discovering BTS. The more songs I hear by them, the more I fall in love with their music, with their message, and with every single member of the group. I have consumed so many different shows, songs, performances from BTS and show no signs of quitting any time soon. I’m complete Army now. Baby Army, sure, but Army all the same. It’s been so much fun diving into the BTS world and discovering new songs and I had no clue that I would enjoy singing in Korean. I get a lot of shit from my family but I don’t give a damn. BTS is the bomb and I hella love them. So this week, I’ll be sharing the Youtube videos that I’m watching and loving.

Hey Charlie | Can You Guess 60 BTS Songs By Emojis (Challenge): Watching Black YouTube react and discover BTS has been so much fun for me. Hey Charlie is probably my favorite BTS reactor. This guy is hilarious and I’ve found myself playing all of the BTS trivia games along with him, wanting all the smoke because I beat him on the emoji game, haha.

BTS LIVE TOUR 7 | BTS Magic Shop [Live Video]: Along with their shows like American Hustle, Bon Voyage, and In the Soop, I’m watching a lot of their live performances on YouTube and I caught all of their performances on Jimmy Fallon (for BTS week), the BBMA’s, the NPR tiny desk at home performances and every damn performance leaves me more and more in awe of how freaking good they are. They sing a lot of my kind of music and I love so many of their songs. This performance of Magic Shop is one of my favorites. Magic Shop is also one of my favorite songs right now. The boys did their thing with this one.

btsfilming | [ENG SUB] BTS – Ddaeng Live Performance (Vocal Line Vers.): This is probably my favorite performance of all BTS performances. I love how goofy they are and how much fun they’re having on stage and I’m not gonna lie, I laughed my ass off the entire time that I was cheering for Rap Man Jin. Mr. Worldwide Handsome had me dying but I was super proud of all of the vocal line because they killed the rap line’s song. I was shocked by how well V delivered Suga’s part of the song. I knew that Jungkook was going to kill RM’s part though. He ain’t the Golden Maknae for no reason. I loved every minute of this performance and cannot wait to see them live in concert.
Eye Candy Friday

Ri Jung Hyuk
Crash Landing on You

What I Posted
Eye Candy Friday: Ri Jung Hyuk

What Made Me Laugh

There you have it, my week in review. How was your week?

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6 responses to “The Weekly Recap (155)

  1. Bnice

    Happy Monday! So glad the Lakers and the Dodgers are all in good places and now we just need to cheer on our LA DODGERS! Please let them sweep this World Series. We make it all the way thru and then we get caught up- we need this please especially since 2020 has been so difficult in so many levels! Praying the DODGERS put their shoulder to the wheel and move forward.
    I’ve been right along with you on your BTS Journey and I love hearing all about them and how they struggled, how they come together and how they genuinely are a FAMILY and BTS BROTHERHOOD- not to mention they are all HANDSOME in their own ways! Love their journey and their story and hope they have continued success as the #1 World Wide Boy Band! I’m lovin it! #teamjhope #teambts Love the kdramas becuase thru this pandemic they have kept me afloat even before the pandemic. Most the of the dramas are my love stories but none the less they all make me think about life and other pertinent things in life! Gotta love it! Thanks for sharing and much blessings and love as you and Brenna begin a new chapter in your lives! I’m so excited for you and sad that I will be losing my BTS CRUISING PARTNER where the whole night is dedicated to BTS SONGS and talking about recent episodes and new songs you enjoy and share with me and recent Kdramas we are watching- not sure if anyone can fill your shoes but you will truly be missed my Kdrama buddy! Mothing but love coming your way for your move to good ole SIN CITY!!

    • Hey BNizzle!

      Yesssss, Let’s Go Dodgers!!

      I’ll just have to come home every little while so that we can do one of our drives…or you can just drive to Vegas for the weekend, haha. BTS Forwever! (in V’s voice, haha)

      Which K Drama (or C Drama or Filipino Drama) are you watching these days?

    • Thanks, Nick! Yeah, I’m moving away from California. I’ve always been a California girl but this Cali girl is moving to the desert. I’ve got my fingers crossed that things go smoothly and I end up loving my new home. Thanks for your kind words, I appreciate you!

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