My TBR Pile: January 2021

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So, every month I put a list together of the books that I either need to read for review or the books that I want to get around to reading (finally). I’m also trying to be more responsible with my Kindle Unlimited and Audible Escape subscriptions so I’m going to post my TBR Pile on the blog so you guys can keep me honest. This year, I’m going to start breaking my TBR Pile up into different sections so that I know which books I’m reading for what because in my old age, I need the reminders.

I’m starting this up again because I’m trying to keep my reading up this year and I’m thinking that bringing this feature back (and keeping it strictly for books) might help me with that so I’m starting fresh.

January’s TBR PILE

Buddy Reads

The Bridge Kingdom (The Bridge Kingdom #1) by Danielle L. Jensen
Training Camp (Wiznard #1) by Kobe Bryant and Wes King
Blood Heir (Aurelia Ryder #1) by Ilona Andrews

I’m kicking off the new year with some buddy reads. I’m reading The Bridge Kingdom with Ames and I’m thrilled to be reading books again with my friends. I’m reading Training Camp by the late Kobe Bryant and Wes King with my friends Therese and B Nice. I’m also reading Blood Heir by Ilona Andrews with my book blog buddies Holly and Casee and I’m THRILLED to be reading this one. I absolutely love the Kate Daniels series and this spin-off features two of my favorite characters from the Kate Daniels books so woohoo!! I already read the book as soon as I got my hands on an eARC last month but I’m reading it again so that I can keep myself honest with this post.

Review Pile

The Roommate by Rosie Danan
The Intimacy Experiment by Rosie Danan

I have some books left over from last year on my review pile and it is my goal this year to knock some of them off. I’m starting with the Rosie Danan books. I heard nothing but good things about The Roommate but I didn’t get very much reading done last year so it fell off my radar. I bought the book and will be giving it a go this month. While I’m at it, I’ll read the other Rosie Danan book that I got for review for this year’s release.

TBR Pile

Wicked Fox (Gumiho #1) by Kat Cho
The Earl Takes a Fancy (Sins for All Seasons #5) by Lorraine Heath
Crush the King (Crown of Shards #3) by Jennifer Estep

I’m adding these three books to my TBR for this month because the first book is a series I want to start, the second is a series I want to continue, and the last is a series that I want to finish.

So 8 books is probably super ambitious of me but I’m still going to try to read all of them. Wish me luck!

What books are on your TBR pile for January? Anything good that I should keep my eye out on? Please share the books you have on deck to read next month.

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6 responses to “My TBR Pile: January 2021

  1. Bnice

    Absolutely love ur TBR File. I need to get on it with the book we are reading. Did you get the actual book or digital? Let me know. I need to find my kindle and mini ipad with my books- I’ve been out of the loop since the Pandemic and being a part of the statistics with Covid is no bueno. 2020 was a real douche, but you can either let it bring you down or you can rise up and keep it pushin- I choose B keep it pushin and like NARUTO says, “BELIEVE It” That little kid does get on my royal nerves but everything he says to his enemies or his friends makes sense when they need to hear it- everyone pretty much frowns upon Naruto but like me, he chooses B- rise up and keep it pushin!
    thank you for posting Ween. This really made me want to jump back into my book reading and start blogging some events in my life for 2021. I even forgot to update my EYE CANDY KOREAN GUYS ugh- great reminder after reading your blog.
    Keep up the good and thanks for your continued blogs and posts that really help me to push myself to keep it moving with reading, posting and everything positive! HUMP DAY WEDNESDAY- ThANK YOU!
    My work book club is reading “The Woman in the window” By A.J. Finn- lets see how it goes.

    • I bought our book in print so that I can start building my physical library again since I have the space to do it here at my new house. I’m super excited to build my dream library again.

      I want to sasa Naruto in every dang episode that I watch so I can’t wait til he starts to get his crap together and be less of a loser like Sasuke calls him. How far along in the show are you?

      Keep me posted on your work book club reading. Let me know if there are any good books that I should check out!

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