The BTS Listen: Dark and Wild by BTS

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I started listening to BTS albums from the beginning of their musical journey and this series will feature my thoughts on each of those albums. There are a lot of albums but there are also a lot of solo work that I’m interested in covering here on the blog so I decided to just name this feature, The BTS Listen because I’m an organization nerd and things need to be well organized for me or I get itchy.

This week, I’ll be featuring the following albums: Dark & Wild. So let’s get started, shall we?

Dark & Wild

Release Date: August 19, 2014
Run Time: 51 minutes, 31 seconds
Tracklist: Intro : What am I to you, Danger, War of Hormone, Hip Hop Phile, Let Me Know, Rain, BTS Cypher PT.3 : KILLER (Feat. Supreme Boi), Interlude : What are you doing now, Could you turn off your cell phone, Embarrassed, 24/7=heaven, Look here, So 4 more, Outro : Do you think it makes sense?
Songs in Order of How I Liked Them: 24/7=Heaven, Embarrassed, Danger, 2nd Grade, Could You Turn Off Your Cell Phone, War of Hormones, 2nd Grade, Outro: Do You Think It Make Sense?, Look Here, Let Me Know, Hip Hop Phile, BTS Cypher Pt. 3 Killer, Rain
Favorite Line from Song: Tomorrow is the date day that I’ve been dreaming of, Such pretty stars and such a pretty moon, The light that lights me up seems even more tonight, The whole world seems made for me, right?

In their first studio album in a year and two months, BTS sings about love gone awry in DARK & WILD. They warn the girl who acts like she doesn’t love them not to test their love anymore.

The boys are no longer in their school uniforms. They have become tougher, singing that their love is not to be treated lightly. A year and two months into their debut, BTS made sure that the visuals, performance, and all the elements of their first studio album are flawless. Tracks that highlight the different genres of hip hop—South, West, Boom Bap, and Trap—provide a clear direction of BTS’ music. The title track “Danger” is a tightly-composed hybrid hip hop song with a piercing punk-rock guitar sound that features stark rap, a powerful hook, and exhilarating shouting.

This album was longer than the other albums that I’ve listened to so far, coming in at 51 minutes long. There are 14 songs (1 of them was just an intro though but it was a bomb-ass intro, I wanted more from that one) and most of them are more on the hip hop side but I enjoyed the entire album. I don’t think I skipped any of the songs at all. Rapper Jungkook makes an appearance and I’m a huge fan of that. I wish he rapped more now but then I’d probably miss Singer Jungkook more because that guy is badass.

My favorite song from this bunch is definitely 24/7=Heaven. That song was such a sweet song and I’m a sucker for those kinds of songs. It’s a young love kind of ballad that I enjoyed from beginning to end. I looked like a little schoolgirl grinning like a crazy person listening to this song, I’m sure but I don’t give a damn. This was a great song. I was scared of V with his grown man’s voice in this song too, haha.

All in all, this was another fabulous album with a great balance of songs for the rap line and songs for the vocal line. There was enough goodness to share the spotlight and it was another album that hit every high note for me. I’m loving this musical journey through all of BTS’s albums. There’s so much to love and just when you think you can’t love another song of theirs more, you hear hidden gems like Embarrassed, 2nd Grade, and Could You Turn Off Your Phone to prove you wrong. So much good stuff on this album. I definitely recommend it.

Favorite Performance from This Album

This is one of my favorite dance performances of theirs. Their lines are clean, their moves are sharp and they all know where they’re supposed to be at every second of this dance. This is such a fun performance and though I love the War of Hormone dance, Danger is my top favorite performance on this album.

Final Thoughts

Loved It

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