The Weekly Playlist (4)

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One of my favorite things to do when I was back home in L.A. was to take drives with my friend B Nice so that we can listen to our newly discovered favorite songs by BTS. We both discovered BTS over the pandemic and have been crazy for all things BTS. When I moved to Vegas, those drives stopped but I decided that I’m going to use my blog to share what songs I’m listening to each week with both B Nice and everyone else who reads this blog. This week, I’m featuring the rap line from BTS. I feel like I don’t give them as much love as I do the vocal line though I do love them hella. I promise. These three are the songs that I’ve been listening to a lot lately and after they are all fantastic songs.

DKDKTV does a really great job of explaining the meaning and themes behind a lot of BTS songs for international fans. In this video, they explain the lyrics of Ddaeng and though I loved the song before watching that video, I love it even more now. Such a great song. Unfortunately, this song isn’t part of any of their albums. I do believe that they released this song for a fan event and you can listen to it on the BTS Soundcloud, for free.

This song is another gem of a song with a message that I can totally get behind. You can watch the song explained video from DKDKTV here. Shout out to the hard work that these guys do for us international fans. This song is basically about people being jerks and getting mad over every little thing. Wasting energy being pissed off and trolling others on the internet. Especially the trolls that troll celebrities and make their already stressful jobs, even more stressful..for no damn reason. Use that anger for more useful things, like making the world a better place. Be mad that there is still oppression going on in the world. Be mad about those kinds of things. Do better.

This song is a Suga solo and it’s one that showcases just how fast this man can rap. His style of rapping reminds me of Eminem and Twista, that super-fast flow and I’m here for it. Suga is pissed at all of those haters in this song and he goes off. I’m really loving how different Agust D is from Suga. Agust D is rawer than Suga is. This is the kind of artist that I think Suga would have been without BTS. I’m glad that he’s with BTS and he’s a huge part of the reason that I love BTS so much but I love that we can get so many different sides to each member through their solo work. This is a great song and is definitely worthy of being part of your playlists. Again, this is another song that you won’t find on any album but on the BTS SoundCloud. There are a lot of good stuff over there so head on over and check them out.

What songs are you on your playlist this week? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be BTS. Share in the comments!

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2 responses to “The Weekly Playlist (4)

  1. Bnice

    Yup music has definitely played a big role in our lives. Thru the Pandemic, discovering BTS with your help has opened my eyes to all kinds of different music thats out there, But, mainly KPOP and BTS right now. Its funny because when I play English songs in the car and my oldest nephew knows I’m into BTS right now- he asks – Aunty is this an English song? Lol I’m like uh huh just taking a little break from Korea right now lol! Thanks for posting up about DKDKTV – I’m definitely gona check that out!
    I really like SUGA and he is my Bias Wrecker! You’re so right- Suga in BTS is different than SUGA in his rapping mode as August D.I love the way he loves the boys in BTS, and then he’s still the gangsta, quiet guy in the group- but shows his love in different subtle ways! The songs I really like on his August D Album are Moonlight and Daechwita. Those songs are my fave. Definitely talented at what he does and produces too. He definitely has alot to keep him busy even after his BTS days- which I hope is no time soon.
    Thanks for the post and keep the KPOP and BTS music alive- I will!

    • Suga is great, isn’t he? He’s my bias wrecker too.

      I really recommend the Youtube channel, DKDKTV because they explain the stuff we know and love from kpop for international fans. They’re two Korean guys that explain the stuff that goes over international fans from a Korean perspective and their personalities are pretty great too. They’re both so different from each other and listening to them bicker about their difference in opinions over things cracks me up. They’re very entertaining, at the same time that they’re informative. Good stuff.

      I’m still trying to pick a favorite Agust D song. There are too many to choose from though so it’s taking me some time and I haven’t listened to all of them but I think after I’m done with my BTS listen feature, I’m going to move onto their solo stuff and I can’t wait.

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