The Weekly Recap (166)

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Last week was Spring Break and my brother brought his family to Vegas to get away from L.A. for a little bit so I took the week off too. It was so much fun to have family in town and I adore my brother’s kids so spending time with them and my Aunt and her kids, was like having a mini family reunion and I was all about it.

After my brother and his family left, I took it easy the rest of the week and watched a lot of cafe vlogs, bakery vlogs, and I start watching Taxi Driver with Lee Je Hoon (from Signal). There have only been two episodes so far and I’m completely hooked. I guess it’s time for another suspenseful drama. I’m also looking forward to starting Law School with Kim Bum and the older sister from Reply 1988 this week. Lots of great stuff to look forward to.

Brenna came out to Vegas this weekend to get some stuff out of her room to take to Utah. She moved into a house with two of her cousins so she’s living the big girl life and though at first, I was a little disappointed that she jumped into a lease so quickly after getting a job, I’m over that and now I’m just thrilled for her. We’ve always done things together and even though we’re apart now, we’re still a team and we’ll figure everything out together like normal.

My home library is coming together quite nicely though there aren’t that many books still… I’m working on it, I promise! I’ll share pictures soon, for real.

Now, let’s get into all of the things that I did last week…
What I Watched

Haikyuu, Season Two | 4.25 out of 5
Misaeng | 3.5 out of 5
Raya and the Last Dragon | 4 out of 5
Godzilla vs. Kong | 3.5 out of 5

After finishing the second season of Haikyuu, I took a short break to watch Misaeng, thinking a slight change of pace was needed but while I enjoyed the show overall, it was really slow. After finishing that show, with my brother and his kids in town, we did a couple of movie nights and watched Raya and the Last Dragon and then Godzilla vs. Kong. I haven’t watched ANY of the Godzilla movies or any of the Kong movies so I went into this movie not knowing what to expect but my nephew Rocky wanted to watch it so we did. I ended up liking it too…not enough to watch the other movies though. *shrugs*
What I Listened To

Spring Day by BTS
Dimple by BTS
Singularity by BTS

It was a slow jam kind of week so these three songs got a lot of playing time. Spring Day is one of my top BTS songs, I just love it so much and the performances for all three of these songs are just phenomenal.
What I Got

Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels #4) by Ilona Andrews
Magic Slays (Kate Daniels #5) by Ilona Andrews
Magic Rises (Kate Daniels #6) by Ilona Andrews

Slowly, but surely, I’m making progress in building up my print library. I actually forgot to get more books this week because I took a break from all things computer and I normally order books off Amazon so I only got three books this week. I’ll jump back on this project this week, for sure though.
What I Got for Review

The Donut Trap by Julie Tieu

This book looks too cute to pass up so it was added to my review pile this week. I’ll read it soon.
What I Reviewed

Signal (2016) | 4 out of 5

The BTS Listen: BE
What I Posted
The Weekly Recap (165)
What Made Me Laugh

There you have it, my week in review. How was your week?

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4 responses to “The Weekly Recap (166)

    • LOL, I’ll have to check out the books too. You can watch the anime on Netflix (the first two seasons, anyway). You should see me watching the anime. I’ll be sitting in my room, so focused on the show and what’s going on that I cheer for them like I’m actually there, talking about, “SIDE OUT BOYS!!” hahaha. I don’t even know volleyball like that but boy am I rooting for this team!

  1. Bnicet

    Haha Jin is too funny- he does and says the most random things lol! I love your song choices and I absolutely loved Raya and the Last Dragon- totally cried during that movie- Go Disney! I enjoyed Godzilla and King Kong as well and I think I’ll probably try to watch the previsou movies.
    Ill be reading the The One by John Marrs- we shall see how it goes. One of my book club members already finished the book- good grief. I haven’t even started and I’m the host for this month- I better get crakin!
    Glad you got to spend time with family- sounds like alot of fun! OKie dokie yo- thanks for the blog and have a great day!

    • Let me know how you like The One by John Marrs? I’ve heard such great things about it but I haven’t gotten around to reading it myself so I’m curious about it. When is your book club meeting this month? You better get cracking for real! Good luck! Let me know if you need any help!

      I liked Raya and the Last Dragon though I much prefer the dragons from Game of Thrones, haha. I got teary eyed, but I didn’t cry. I loved Raya’s rag tag team. They were pretty awesome, especially shrimp boy and the baby.

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