The Weekly Recap (167)

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This week was a week of reflection and then filled up with things that made me happy to get me out of my melancholy thoughts that came with the anniversary of my Mom’s death and the general shit show that is our world these days. I didn’t do much, outside of my normal routine and I was okay with that. I like my daily to-do lists and I even like cleaning my house. So weird. Who even am I? I hated cleaning the house growing up. So I don’t have anything new to report though my book collection is slowly coming together. I’ll have my bookshelves filled up in no time.

Now, let’s get into all of the things that I did last week…
What I Watched

Taxi Driver
Rookie King
The Show
Weekly Idol
Law School
Haikyuu, Season Three

I spent the week in front of either my computer or my TV, watching different things and I didn’t realize until now that I had watched so many different things. There was a lot of BTS content consumed but I’m not about that since the boys kept me entertained.

Taxi Driver is fast becoming my favorite drama of the year (and it’s only April). The show started pretty strong, making me sit up and take notice of not just the main character, but of everything the show is about and the other characters as well. This show isn’t a romance drama but man am I hoping that the main guy doesn’t end up with the prosecutor. I’m pushing for him and his coworker, the hacker girl to heal each other of their tragic pasts. We’ll see where this goes but boy am I hoping for my ship to sail.

Viki’s got some BTS content on their site now and boy did my membership get a workout for all of the hours of BTS that I watched on there. Rookie King, The Show, Weekly Idol were some of the stuff that I watched this week and I enjoyed all of them. I really enjoyed seeing the boys early in their career performing their older songs.

Law School started this past week and the first two episodes are pretty interesting. I’m curious enough to keep watching and though I wasn’t blown away the same way that I was with Taxi Driver, I’m still excited to see where this new show takes us. I watched Haikyuu, Season Three over the weekend and it was another season of great storytelling. I’m really invested in everyone’s story on the team. My favorite character is Hinata and this season highlighted a lot of why I love him. The determination to be great with this guy is just so freaking good. I love it.

BTS Begins: 2015 Memories
5th Muster: The Magic Shop
Love Yourself, Speak Yourself Tour: San Paolo

This week was also for Bang Bang Con 2021. For me, it started on Friday at 11pm and ended, Saturday morning at damn near 7am. Your girl stayed up for all three concerts and had a grand ol’ time in my room, dancing and singing along with my Army bomb. I’m already looking forward to how lit I’m going to be at the concert. I’m ready…and of all the concerts that I’ve watched, I think my favorite is the 5th Muster, The Magic Shop. They sang most of my favorite songs during that concert and I thought I’d take a nap during that concert since I’ve already seen it (multiple times) but nope…I stayed up and sang along to Jump, to 2!3!, to Boyz with Fun, to Dimple, Pied Piper (Pied Piper JK is something else!) and don’t even get me started on the vocal line’s version of Ddaeng. That whole concert was a mood and I was here for it all, even at 4am!

Don’t get me wrong, I hella loved the first and third concerts. Early Suga was something special to behold. When he goes off during the Cypher performances, I was like okayyyyy Suga!! Then there was their performance of Born Singer (so good!) and I ain’t gonna front. I cried during the last concert when Jimin and JK were crying. But I thought the same things that they were thinking during that concert. They’re a Korean group that sings songs in Korean and they had Brazil singing along word for word to all of their songs…IN KOREAN. You can see the awe on the boy’s faces as they performed and took in the sight of all of these people showing up in Brazil for them. I’m telling you, these guys are legit.
What I Read

The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary | 3.75 out of 5

I read this book not too long after I finished The Switch and I enjoyed it though there were some slow parts in the middle. Still, Beth O’Leary is definitely an author that I will be paying more attention to these days.
What I Listened To

Film Out by BTS
Ugh by BTS
Boyz with Fun by BTS

These songs are making me so happy right now. Each song is so good and Ugh and Boyz with Fun never fail to get me hyped up for my day. When I’m mad at people that I work with or just work in general, I throw my earbuds in and turn on Ugh and Boyz with Fun and I get to work. I can’t stay mad if I’m listening to those songs.
What I Got

Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels #7) by Ilona Andrews
Magic Shifts (Kate Daniels #8) by Ilona Andrews
Magic Binds (Kate Daniels #9) by Ilona Andrews
Magic Triumphs (Kate Daniels #10) by Ilona Andrews

I’m telling you, my home library is really coming together. Sure, mostly it’s filled with all things Ilona Andrews and BTS but the books are coming in and it’s making me super happy.
What I Got for Review

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood
The Pick Up by Miranda Kenneally
What I Posted
The Weekly Recap (166)
A Letter to My Mom
What Made Me Laugh

There you have it, my week in review. How was your week?

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6 responses to “The Weekly Recap (167)

  1. Bnicet

    Hey Wena- another good blog of your things done during the week. Time flies by so fast its like whoop there went that week! I’m glad you stayed up to watch the BTS Concerts- they are something special those guys! I really hope these next 7 years are even more successful for them. Cant wait until we have some normalcy around here and concerts because I’M THERE!

    I must admit ANIME is my thing and although I do miss my precious Korean Dramas- anime has taken over thus far. I find that alot of my nephews and other cousins are really into Anime, well mostly the boys, but so what- its good stuff. i love my Kdramas, but I was getting tired of having puffy eyes all the time after watching lol. So when I watch Anime, eyes aren’t as puffy- they are wide open and because the episodes are short like 20-25 minutes – I’m all about that short, sweet and keeps my interest stuff. I really need to take my own advice when I’m vlogging lol. I’m getting better trying to cut down to 10 minutes or below lol!

    I’m loving your book collection and its looking really nice on your shelves! Great job with the house decor and making your home your little piece of Safe Haven all for you! Gota love it! I need to step up my game with my book The ONE- so this week I’ll be dedicating my time to reading and thinking of some good games since I’m the hostess this month. Lots of stuff to keep a girl busy!

    Thanks again for another kool blog.

    • Yeah, I really liked the concerts. All of them. One of the concerts I watched that night was the same one we watched at my house here in Vegas. I watched the whole thing like it was the first time and loved it too!

      I can’t wait until I fill up all of my bookshelves in my library. It’s coming along really nicely so I’m happy.

  2. I tried so hard to read that Ilona Andrews series, but no dice. I’m curious about The Love Hypothesis, looking forward to reading your thoughts on that.

    I hope you’re having a great week so far, Wena!

    • Oh wow, the Kate Daniels series? The first couple of books weren’t the best but book 3? Yeah, that book was magic for me. This series is probably my all time favorite series.

      Thanks so much, Joy! I hope you’re well!

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