Eye Candy Friday: Kim Do Ki from Taxi Driver

Posted June 11, 2021 by Rowena in Features | 2 Comments

Eye Candy Friday is something that I’ve been doing since I first started my personal blog way back in 2003. That first personal blog is long gone but I’ve never really grown out of the eye candy phase. I’m always up for some eye candy. Whether it’s a character from a book (male or female, I don’t discriminate), a character from a movie or TV Show, if I loved them and want to gush about how much I loved them, you’ll find them here. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

This week, I’m featuring my favorite character in the latest k-drama that I finished, Taxi Driver. Lee Je Hoon played Kim Do Ki and he did the character justice. I absolutely loved everything about him and his character. This drama was a great drama for my bloodthirsty ass. It was action packed, and satisfying whenever the Rainbow Taxi team wrapped up a case. There wasn’t a for sure love interest in this show but there was a girl that I was rooting for Kim Do Ki to end up with…I loved her just as much as I loved him. Check them both out below…

Until next week…enjoy!

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2 responses to “Eye Candy Friday: Kim Do Ki from Taxi Driver

  1. I’ve seen this around on social media and my little cousins are all talking about it! Might be high time I check it out so they don’t call me boomer when I ask. Lol.

    • If you’re a little bloodthirsty with your stories then it’s definitely a good one to check out. I really enjoyed it! The ending dropped off a bit because they switched writers about halfway through and I could totally tell that they did but the strong first half was fantastic!

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