My TBR Pile: July 2021

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So, every month I put a list together of the books that I either need to read for review or the books that I want to get around to reading (finally). I’m also trying to be more responsible with my Kindle Unlimited and Audible Escape subscriptions so I’m going to post my TBR Pile on the blog so you guys can keep me honest. This year, I’m going to start breaking my TBR Pile up into different sections so that I know which books I’m reading for what because in my old age, I need reminders.

Here’s a breakdown of how I did on last month’s TBR Pile.

Previous Month Stats

Books to Read: 7
Books Read: 4
Books Unread: 3
Pages Read: 1,239 | Hours Listened: 0
Favorite Read: Devil in Disguise | Least Favorite Read: To Sir, with Love

I was supposed to read 7 books but I only managed to read 4 of the 7. I kept meaning to read my webtoons but I never managed to get that done. Maybe this month will be better on that front? Who knows. I’m pretty excited about the books that are on this month’s TBR pile. Lots of books that I’ve been pretty anxious to read so I’ll make a concerted effort to get these books read.

Here are the books I’ve lined up for this month’s TBR Pile.


Buddy Reads

Angel in a Devil’s Arms by Julie Anne Long

Before the pandemic started, my book friends and I used to meet up to catch up with each others lives and chat about the books that we’re loving the books that we’re hating. We would meet up every chance we got and before e-books, we used to end our lunches in the parking lot and swap paperback books. We used to pack up our books that we wanted to share or were thinking of getting rid of, bring them to our girls lunch and go through trunk after trunk after trunk, getting new books to read. Goodness, I miss those days. They were so much fun.

Nowadays, we meet once a month on a Sunday afternoon and we chat. We still chat about books, but we also chat about our lives and anything else that comes up. We also read a book together each month and discuss it on our zoom call. This month, we’re reading and discussing Angel in a Devil’s Arms by Julie Anne Long and I can’t wait!

Review Pile

Battle Royal by Lucy Parker
The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang

This month, I’m going to focus on getting these two books read from my review pile. So far, I’ve been doing such a great job of not downloading every book that I want on both Netgalley and Edelweiss and I’m caught up on my review pile so I’m able to read my August review books this month.

I’ve been waiting a long time for The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang so I’m really looking forward to getting that one read. Quan’s book!

TBR Pile

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Volume 13
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Volume 14
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Volume 15

I never got around to reading these books last month since I just got my paperback copy of volume 13 last week so I can finally move on in the series. I finished book 12 (I read it twice) and now, it’s volume 13 time. Finally!

What books are on your TBR pile for July? Anything good that I should keep my eye out on? Please share the books you have on deck to read next month.


6 responses to “My TBR Pile: July 2021

  1. Bnice

    Hey Ween only book I have on my TBR list is the books for book club which is The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose and just finished or should I say listened to Guilty Wives by James Patterson and David Ellis I think. That book was Ok, I don’t think I would read that book again jus sayin. But i really need to improve on my reading- need to finish the Demon Slayer Mangas as well. Happy reading!

    • Hmm, I haven’t heard of that book, The Perfect Marriage. Keep me posted and let me know if you like it or not. I finally got volume 13 of Demon Slayer in the mail so I’m going to read that tonight. I re-read volume 12 to refresh my memory. I can’t wait to dig back into that world. Thanks, B Nice! Happy Reading to you too!

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