The Weekly Recap (179)

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This last week has been one of the most relaxing and fun weeks that I’ve had in a while. Things at work aren’t completely crazy and finding a balance between my work and my personal life has been going really well for me and a huge part of that was having my best friend Theresa in town. It’s been like having a super long sleepover that I never wanted to end. I’m sad that Therese went home yesterday but I hope that she had a peaceful time here and that she was able to reset herself so that she can get back on track at home. Let’s just forget about Saturday night, kay Tita? LOL.

On a personal note, we got some sad news from one of our other besties so we did a lot of thinking about our loved ones this week and vowed to be there for them in any way that we can. Losing loved ones really sucks. I’m traveling to Utah this week for a funeral, a gender reveal, and a going away dinner for my nephew that just got married. He’s leaving for Army bootcamp and will be gone for six months.

While I’m in Utah, we’ll be having our family book club meeting for October and I’m really curious to see what the girls thought of The Secret by Julie Garwood. This particular book club includes all of the women in our family. All of my sisters, one of my sisters-in-laws, and all of our daughters. Each month, a different person chooses the book, leads the discussion, prepares a game, and provides a prize. We’re two months into book club and it’s been such a good time. I’m falling in love with reading again and since we’re going from oldest to youngest, us Moms have been choosing old favorites to share with our daughters. I’m having a blast and I’m looking forward to the next meeting.

Now, let’s get into all of the things that I did last week…

What I Watched

Little Women: This show was my shit. Every week, I was so invested in what was going on. Sure, there were episodes where I wanted to strangle a different character but holy shit, I really enjoyed this one. I am pretty content with the ending but wouldn’t be mad if we got another season of these characters. My favorite of the bunch of Kim Go Eun’s character and also Wi Ha Joon’s character though I really liked the second sister and her boo thang too. I’ll be reviewing this one soon so I’ll go into my thoughts more there.

The Law Cafe: This show started off really strong for me. I was really enjoying watching everything come together but I struggled to get through the last four episodes. I’ll continue on but hopefully things will pick back up again. I’m struggling with both main leads and how messy things are. Just, meh.

Young Actor’s Retreat: I’m still loving this show. These guys are funny as shit. I didn’t know that I would love Hwang In Yeop more than I already did. He’s such a fun person and this week’s episode had me in fits, giggling all over the place. I’m ready for the next episode.

Blind: I finally started this show and though I’ve only watched two episodes, I’m hooked. The premise is interesting and I’m ready to catch up with the rest of the episodes that have dropped so far. I need know where this is all going.

Love in Contract: I finally started this show as well and so far, so good. I’m curious. I’m intrigued, and I really like looking at Go Kyung Pyo so I’ll be tuning in every week for sure. Haha.

Gaus Electronics: I watched the first episode of this over the weekend and almost quit it. I hate the workplace bullying that went down in that episode but I’m going to continue because I do really like Kwak Dong Yeon’s character and I’m going to give the show more support to see if it gets better.

The Cursed: Therese and I watched five episodes of this show before we called it quits. It’s slow going, I’m frustrated with damn near every person, thing, and just every damn thing that I don’t want to continue. It’s confusing, there isn’t anything pulling me to keep going so we tried but meh, this one got dropped like a hot potato.

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What Made Me Laugh

There you have it, my week in review. How was your week?

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