My TBW Pile: November 2022

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These days, I’m not reading much since there are just too many k-dramas that I’m itching to watch so I’m organizing my k-drama watching and keeping track of it all here on the blog. Each month, I’ll put a list together of the shows that I’m planning on watching and then track my progress through these monthly posts. Let’s see what this month’s plan looks like, shall we?

Here’s a breakdown of how I did on last month’s TBW Pile.

Previous Month Stats

Drama’s to Watch: 6 | Drama’s Watched: 6
Drama’s Un-watched: 0 | Drama’s Dropped: 1
Favorite Watch: The Cursed | Least Favorite Watch: The Cursed

November’s TBW PILE

Buddy Watch

Alchemy of Souls

Therese and I decided that we’re going to re-watch the entire first season of Alchemy of Souls to prepare ourselves for season 2 on December 10th. We enjoyed this show so much (one of my top shows of the year) and the wait for the second season has been torture so when the time comes for the episode to drop, we’ll be ready cause we’re re-watching it all November. I can’t wait.

November Releases

The Fabulous
Revenge of Others
The First Responders
Behind Every Star

Weak Hero Class 1
The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate

Please Send a Fan Letter
Unlock the Boss

I know that this is a long list of shows to add to my TBW list but I can’t help it. I want to watch all of these and even though I have loads of plans since November is my birthday month, my Dad’s birthday month, and the holiday season starts up, whatever, I’m going to try to watch all of these shows. I’ll see what sticks once I start all of them.

Shows That Are Finishing in November

Gaus Electronics
Love in Contract
Love is for Suckers
Bad Prosecutor

I have enjoyed every single one of these shows so I’m gonna be so sad once they all end. I’m sure I’ll get over my disappointment pretty quickly since I’ll be busy once the new shows start.

What dramas are on your TBW pile for November? Anything good that I should keep my eye out for? Please share the dramas you have on deck to read next month.

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