The Weekly Recap (190)

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This week was for BTS Yet to Come in Busan in the theaters. I went by myself but had an absolute blast on my own and then I came home and knocked the hell out, haha. My theater wasn’t as hyped as a lot of other theaters were but my introverted ass wasn’t that mad about it…especially since I sang every song at the top of my lungs and danced my ass off all on my own, not caring one bit who was looking or listening. ApoBangpo!!

After taking a couple of weeks off from watching asian dramas together, Therese and I are back at it again. We binge-watched First Love and it was the first Japanese show that we finished. It was okay, a little too slow-moving for me and by about, episode 6, I was ready to move on. We’re prepared for our next show though and I can’t wait to see more Park Jin Young again.

I didn’t do much this week. Worked some, talked through some stuff with the unemployment office, and lined up some more work for myself and I’m not as panicked as I have been lately so I’m glad that things are finally looking up on that end. I also caught up with one of my childhood besties who met my #0 best friend, Caiden and wanted to share his experience with me. I love when my friends meet each other. Ha. I laughed the night away while talking to this friend and it’s funny how my friends and I are way past the age where we lived on the phone but that doesn’t stop us from having one hour, two hour, sometimes even four or five hour long phone conversations. I love my friends!

Now, let’s get into all of the things that I did last week…

What I Watched

Seventeen in the Soop | 5 out of 5
Alice in Borderland, Season 2 | 3.5 out of 5
BTS Yet to Come in Busan | 5 out of 5
First Love | 3 out of 5

The Interest of Love: This show is down to the last two episodes and it’s still stressing me the hell out. The ending to the last episode had me shook. I’m not mad that she did what she did but I do feel bad for home dude because it has been so hard for him to love her. I hope that she gets the peace she needs and they figure out a way to be happy together before the show ends…so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Strangers Again: I really wanted to like this show but I don’t have the mental capacity to slog through all of this mess and to be honest, I’m not that invested in the characters after 6 episodes so I’m tossing in the towel. This was my first drop of the year.

Seventeen in the Soop 2: I started this show right after I finished watching the first season and so far, I’m loving it so much. Seeing these guys take the break they need to recover mentally warms my heart. In the last season, seeing Seungkwan made me laugh so much. His personality is just so likable and fun but to start off this season, Seungkwan made me cry. Man, my heart goes out to him and I sincerely hope that he gets the rest and relaxation he needs to keep going and I loved that Joshua was there for him. Gah, I really love these guys!

What I Reviewed

May I Help You? | 4 out of 5

What I Posted

The Weekly Recap (189)
Eye Candy Friday: Lee Ji Ho from Love in Contract

Eye Candy Friday

Jung Ji Ho

Love in Contract

There you have it, my week in review. How was your week?

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2 responses to “The Weekly Recap (190)

  1. Glad you’re feeling more positive on the work front, at least that’s one load off. And you sang and danced in the cinema? I mean, I’d rather die but I’m glad you had an amazing time even though you ended up watching alone. I always enjoy hearing about your BTS adventures because I still don’t get the hype but I want to if that makes sense? I’m struggling to find a next show to watch so I’ll awlays check out whatever you’re watching for inspiration.

    • Yep, I sat next to a little girl that watched me sing and dance more than she watched the show…her Mom must have been pissed cause it cost $25 to go, haha. I get what you mean but I’m not sure how to explain the hype? I found them when I was going through a really hard time and it took them telling me to stop being a bitch and spread, spread, spread my wings for me to kick myself out of the funk I was in and turn shit around. Their music is packed with loads of messages that really speak to me and I can honestly say that I’m a lot happier these days because of them. Their content, their music, the way that they work hard for us armies, it’s made me very aware of how lucky I am and one of the biggest things that I love about them is that they don’t champion perfection. They champion being human and making mistakes because tomorrow is always a new day to try again. They’re the biggest band in the world and yet they’re still the same goofy guys that they were when they debuted. They love each other and us fans and strive to be worthy of the love they receive, all while delivering some really great songs. So yeah, I really love them.

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