Eye Candy Friday: Ha Do Young from The Glory

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Eye Candy Friday is something that I’ve been doing since I first started my personal blog way back in 2003. That first personal blog is long gone but I’ve never really grown out of the eye candy phase. I’m always up for some eye candy. Whether it’s a character from a book (male or female, I don’t discriminate), a character from a movie or TV Show, if I loved them and want to gush about how much I loved them, you’ll find them here. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

This week, I’m featuring Ha Do Young from The Glory. As much as I liked Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun in this drama, it was Ha Do Young that stole the show for me. I am gonna need his character to not be a bad one cause I don’t want my girl to kill him as part of her revenge. Please, please, please don’t get killed! He’s fine too!

Until next week…enjoy!

Watch The Glory

The Glory

Where to Watch: Netflix
Starring: Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, Jung Sung Il
Year Released: 2022
Genre: Drama, Melodrama, Thriller

A high school student dreams of becoming an architect. However, she had to drop out of school after suffering from brutal school violence. Years later, the perpetrator gets married and has a kid. Once the kid is in elementary school, the former victim becomes her homeroom teacher and starts her thorough revenge towards the perpetrators and bystanders of her bullying days.

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