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Review: Fan Letter, Please

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Fan Letter, Please

Starring: Yoon Park, Choi Soo Young, Shin Yeon Woo, Jeon In Ji, Kang Da Hyun, Kim Sang Woo
Year Released: 2022
Number of Episodes: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Country: South Korea
Where to Watch: Viki

Han Kang Hee is a top star actress who started acting ever since childhood. Because of the pressure as a top star, her self-esteem begins to drop and bad comments about her drama increase. The stress caused by those comments keeps her away from fanletters as well. In this crisis, she coincidentally runs into her first love, Jung Seok. He was a popular kid back in school but is now a single father of a sick child. His daughter Yu Na writes a fanletter to Kang Hee as her huge fan. However, as her letter doesn’t make it to Kang Hee, Jung Seok writes back instead. Kang Hee’s story with a beloved fan and her first love begins with a special fanletter.

Yoon Park made his way onto my radar when I watched him in Forecasting Love and Weather last year. His character started off as such an ass but I’m glad that over the course of the show his character kept right on charming me until eventually, he completely won me over. I don’t remember watching him in any other show so when I saw that this show was coming out, I was in.

The Story

This drama tells the story of A-List actress, Han Kang Hee, and a guy from high school, Bang Jung Seok. Jung Seok had a big crush on Kang Hee when they were in school but after a misunderstanding, they fell out with each other and drifted apart. Years later, they run into each other as adults and their lives are completely different and they, themselves are even more different. Jung Seok is a single father with a daughter who has cancer. Kang Hee is a famous actress that is struggling with PR issues. Jung Seok’s daughter is a huge Kang Hee fan and when she starts writing letters to her, her father delivers them and to everyone’s surprise, Kang Hee starts writing her back.

Kang Hee is also surprised when it comes to her attention that she’s been writing letters to a young girl with cancer and when she finds out that the girl’s father is someone she actually knows, she’s curious.

Male Lead

Yoon Park as Jung Seok was such a sweetheart and a good father and I absolutely adored him. He was smart and he was hard-working and such a devoted father that it was hard not to root for him. It was more than obvious that he still harbored a secret crush on Kang Hee but seeing him grow more and more confident in himself as the show progressed made for an enjoyable viewing experience. He’s not the perfect character that has all of his shit together but he’s a flawed character that is trying his best and I really liked that about him.

Female Lead

I haven’t watched a whole lot of shows with Choi Soo Young in them but I do like her acting. This was a fantastic role for her and I thought she did really well with it. Kang Hee was perfect on the outside but a mess on the inside and seeing her work through her issues and become stronger and stronger as the show progressed was great. It took her a while to work through her fear of getting fan letters (her reason for that was completely understandable, btw) and seeing her grow closer and closer to both Jung Seok and his daughter was great too.

The Cast

Aside from the two main leads, not a lot of other people were familiar to me. There were just a couple of people that I recognized from other shows so I can’t really say much about everyone. As much as I enjoyed the characters from the hospital (the other kids and the Moms), and then the reporter guy, not a lot of them were memorable though I’m sure that will change once I see more stuff with them in them.

The main leads definitely carried this show for me.

Final Thoughts

This show was a lot of fun. It was funny, it made me happy sigh and it even made me tear up as well. It packed a pretty great punch for such a short show. I thought for sure that I’d find it lacking in some way or form but that wasn’t the case at all. I didn’t think that it felt rushed or that the relationship and story suffered from not having more time to develop. I thought the actors, the writers, and everyone else told a solid story, developed a strong romance, and brought about a lovely cast of characters that charmed the socks right off of me. From the main characters to the kids, even the high school friends, and the convenience store owner, everyone did their thing and I enjoyed every last bit of it.

Final Rating


4 out of 5

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Eye Candy Friday: Ahn Soo Ho from Weak Hero, Class 1

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Eye Candy Friday is something that I’ve been doing since I first started my personal blog way back in 2003. That first personal blog is long gone but I’ve never really grown out of the eye candy phase. I’m always up for some eye candy. Whether it’s a character from a book (male or female, I don’t discriminate), a character from a movie or TV Show, if I loved them and want to gush about how much I loved them, you’ll find them here. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

This week, I’m featuring Ahn Soo Ho from Weak Hero, Class 1. If you’ve seen this drama then I feel like it’s pretty obvious why he’s this week’s eye candy feature. It’s funny to me that my introduction to Hyun Wook was him playing a piece of shit bully in Taxi Driver. I’m so glad that I watched Racket Boys because that introduced me to him in a different light and it is thanks to that drama that I became a fan and avid supporter of his career. He’s been such a rock star in every role he’s played and Ahn Soo Ho was such a winner of a character for me. Absolutely loved him.

I’m looking forward to the next season of Weak Hero because I need to know what happens with Soo Ho and where he lands. I actually cannot wait to see more of him. This character was my favorite character of Hyun Wook’s and that’s saying something because I completely adored him in Twenty-Five, Twenty-One. Ahn Soo Ho is just…everything and that’s why he’s this week’s eye candy feature.

Watch Weak Hero, Class 1

Weak Hero, Class One

Where to Watch: Viki
Starring: Park Ji Hoon, Choi Hyun Wook, Hong Kyung
Year Released: 2022
Genre: Action, Drama, Youth

Yeon Shi Eun is a model student who ranks at the top of his high school. Physically, Yeon Shi Eun appears weak, but by using his wits and psychology, he fights against the violence that takes place inside and outside of his school.

Until next week…enjoy!

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My TBW Pile: January 2023

Posted January 5, 2023 by Rowena in Features | 2 Comments

In an effort to organize my k-drama watching and keep track of what I’m watching, what I’m loving, and what I’m hating, I’m bringing it to the blog. Each month, I’ll put a list together of the shows that I plan on watching and then track my progress through these monthly posts. Let’s see what this month’s plan looks like, shall we?

Here’s a breakdown of how I did on last month’s TBW Pile.

Previous Month Stats

Drama’s to Watch: 14 | Drama’s Watched: 12 | Drama’s Unwatched: 2
Drama’s Started: 6 | Dramas Completed: 5 | Drama’s Dropped: 1
Favorite Watch: May I Help You | Least Favorite Watch: Behind Every Star

I didn’t get around to starting Money Heist Korea 2 and The Fabulous. I’m sure I’ll be adding those shows to this month’s line up. Fingers crossed, anyway. I did a decent job of keeping up with all of my dramas considering how busy I was in December. I did a lot of traveling and forced family fun so that cramped my drama watching quite a bit but when there’s a will, there’s a way.

January’s TBW PILE

Buddy Watch

Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?

Therese and I already finished our January buddy watch but this is what we watched. 🙂

January Releases

Payback: Money and Power
Crash Course in Romance
Can We Be Strangers?

Since this is a plan of action for my k-drama watching for the upcoming month, instead of sharing all of the January new releases in this portion of the post, I’m just going to be sharing the new releases that I plan on watching. I’ve been including all of the new releases in the past like two or three posts and it’s confusing me, number wise so yeah, I’m doing away with that. So these are the new releases that I’m looking forward to watching this month.

Shows That Are Finishing in January

Alchemy of Souls 2: Light and Shadow
The Forbidden Marriage
Unlock My Boss
Island, Season 1

What dramas are on your TBW pile for January? Anything good that I should keep my eye out for? Please share the dramas you have on deck to read next month.

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The Yearly Recap: 2022

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If you know me then you know that I’m a huge nerd. I track the shit out of everything that I do so that I can keep track of what I’m spending my time on. When I was reading a hundred books a year, I tracked what I was reading, what genres I was reading the most and least of, and now that I’m really into watching k-dramas, as you can guess, I tracked my k-drama watching.

I’m on year three of my k-drama adventures and I’m still a nerd so I’m still tracking the shit of my k-drama watching. I’m tracking a lot of things, to be honest. What kind of dramas I’m watching, which tropes, which actors & actresses I’m enjoying, and all sorts of other things as well. I thought that 2022 was a quality year in dramas and there weren’t a whole lot of dramas that I absolutely hated. I’m counting that as a win.

Quick Stats of the Year

Dramas Watched: 64 | Dramas Completed: 47 | Dramas Dropped: 14 | Episodes Watched: 808
Favorite Drama: Alchemy of Souls | Least Favorite Drama: Love is for Suckers

The Breakdown

By Month

January: 6
February: 0
March: 1
April: 4
May: 4
June: 6
July: 9
August: 6
September: 4
October: 4
November: 12
December: 6

This year, I went with the format of drama watching that I used last year. I watched more new shows instead of binge-watching older ones and I really enjoy watching shows that way. I find that I watch more shows with this format so I think that I’m going to stick with it. November was my best month in k-drama watching with February being the worst month in k-drama watching. I should say that those numbers are for dramas that I completed and I was still watching a bunch of dramas in February, I just didn’t complete any so that one is a little tricky.

By Genre

Comedy: 2
Coming of Age: 1
Family: 2
Fantasy: 5
Horror: 1
Legal: 1
Melodrama: 10
Romance: 25
Suspense: 15

2022 was the year that I jumped in and fell down the Suspense k-drama rabbit hole and I’m here for more of these kinds of shows. I’m still pretty solidly stuck in the romance genre and being the kind of person that I am, that is probably never going to change. I’m all about romance!

By Source

Disney Plus: 1
HiTV: 9
Hulu: 3
Netflix: 24
Prime Video: 1
Viki: 25

I didn’t know that Hulu and Prime Video had newly released k-dramas but I know now and I will definitely be watching more of their offerings in the new year. I’m low key excited about that. It’s not surprising to me that I watched most of my dramas on Netflix and Viki. That’s probably not going to change either. They both offer most of everything that I want and need to watch so I will probably continue watching most of my stuff on those platforms. Hopefully this year I’ll give more of the other platforms a shot.

Favorites and Least Favorites of the Year

Favorite Dramas

Alchemy of Souls
Extraordinary You
Weak Hero, Class 1

Least Favorite Dramas

Love is for Suckers
Welcome to Wedding Hell

Favorite Characters

Jang Uk from Alchemy of Souls
Ahn Soo Ho from Weak Class, Hero 1
Lee Jun Ho from Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Mudeok from Alchemy of Souls
Woo Young Woo from Extraordinary Attorney Woo
Na Hee Do from Twenty Five, Twenty One

Least Favorite Characters

Jin Mu from Alchemy of Souls
Park Jae Sang from Little Women
Jin Seong Jun from Reborn Rich

Favorite New to Me Actors

Lee Jae Wook
Kim Young Dae
Yoon Park

Favorite new to Me Actresses

Park Ju Hyun
Seol In Ah
Kim Ji Hyun

Actors I Missed in 2022

Park Seo Joon
Lee Je Hoon
Woo Do Hwan

What did your year in dramas look like? Were there any dramas that you’d recommend? Share in the comments!

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The Monthly Recap: December 2022

Posted January 3, 2023 by Rowena in Features | 2 Comments

The Monthly Recap posts are a way for me to take a look back and reflect on my previous month in Korean dramas. I always lose track of what I want to watch and I need these posts to keep me honest with my damn self because I be forgetting shit.

December was a busy month for me personally but I was able to get some quality k-drama watching in and that always makes me happy. So let’s start this recap, shall we?

Monthly Stats

Dramas Watched: 12 | Dramas Completed: 4 | Dramas Dropped: 4 | Dramas Still Watching: 4
Dramas Reviewed: 9 | Boyfriend of the Month: Kim Tae Hee
Favorite Drama: May I Help You? | Least Favorite Drama: Behind Every Star

Dramas I Completed

Behind Every Star | 3 out of 5
Revenge of Others | 3.5 out of 5
May I Help You | 4 out of 5
Reborn Rich | 3.5 out of 5

These were all solid dramas but Behind Every Star was probably my least favorite of the bunch. I did enjoy the others and while I LOVE May I Help You, I don’t think any of the remaining dramas listed will make my favorite shows of the year list.

Dramas I Dropped

Extraordinary You
The First Responders

Like I said above, December was a busy month for me personally so I had to drop a couple of shows that I do hope to get back to soon(ish). It’s not that I wasn’t enjoying these, I just had a lot of stuff going on and haven’t gotten back to them. I’m hoping to finish them out this month. Wish me luck on that.

Dramas I’m Still Watching

Alchemy of Souls 2: Light and Shadow
The Forbidden Marriage
The Interest of Love
Unlock My Boss
Island, Season 1

I’m going to be so sad this coming weekend because the final season of Alchemy of Souls comes to an end. It’s my favorite show of the year so far and I’m not ready to say goodbye to Jang Uk and Naksu and the rest of the gang. The other shows are great too…I hope that they stay that way.

Dramas I Reviewed

Blind | 4.5 out of 5
Love in Contract | 4 out of 5
Extraordinary Attorney Woo | 4.5 out of 5
Alchemy of Souls | 5 out of 5
Hotel Del Luna | 4 out of 5

Gaus Electronics | 4.5 out of 5
Bad Prosecutor | 4 out of 5
Little Women | 4 out of 5
Weak Hero, Class 1 | 4.5 out of 5

Actors that Stood Out

Lee Jun Young: Lee Jun Young as Kim Tae Hee was the bomb. I’ve seen him in a few other things but this role is my favorite of his. I watched a lot of episodes of May I Help You multiple times because he’s so easy on the eyes. Gotta love the eye candy but I also really enjoyed the way that he made Kim Tae Hee shine.

Seo Ji Hoon: I don’t remember ever seeing Seo Ji Hoon in any other drama before but I really liked what he brought to Seok Jae Beom character. He was so great that I looked him up and made note of everything else he’s been in and has coming up, I’m a supporter of his now.

Steven Noh: Jane was my favorite part of the show, Behind Every Star but Lee Sang Wook was a very close second. He was so fine that I had an attitude whenever he didn’t pop on the show enough to suit me. I didn’t know who he was before but I know him now…:)

How was your month, in all the things? Did you read or watch anything good (or bad)? Share in the comments, I’d love to catch up!

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