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Three Things on My Happy Planner Wish List

Posted May 11, 2017 by Rowena in Miscellaneous | 13 Comments

Thanks to Ames, I’m addicted to decorative planning. I’ve been decorative planning for over a year now and it’s an expensive addiction but I can’t seem to help myself. Every week, I’m eyeing every sale at Michaels in hopes that I can get something else on my never ending planner accessories wish list. I want it all and my bank account keeps laughing and laughing at me so needless to say, I don’t have all of the things…but I will. 🙂

My planner of choice is the classic Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI). Their planners are perfect for me. I love the designs of each month, the monthly currently pages, the weekly vertical layouts, and the disc bound system that they use. I hate spiral bound notebooks and planners because I hate having to write on Wednesday with the dumb spiral getting in my way. I love that with a Happy Planner, I can take the pages out and get my plan on

MAMBI is also really good about supplying me with my favorite planner accessories. There are an accessory and expansion pack for a whole lot of stuff but they don’t have everything that I want so this post will serve as my wish list for the stuff I wish MAMBI would release.

Here are the things that I want MAMBI to come out with…

1. Half Box (pictured right) and Full Box Stickers. I’m obsessed with these little half box stickers to note special activities that I have planned but the MAMBI sticker books don’t have a whole lot of them and not all of the ones that they do have are just regular, plain ol’ half and full boxes. The ones that I often see in the sticker books are boxes that say “To Do” or “To Buy” or “To Go” or whatever else. That’s what I want. Regular, plain ol’ half boxes and I’d like a whole page of just half boxes like they sell on Etsy. When I buy on Etsy, that gets expensive really quickly because you have to pay shipping on top of the already expensive per sheet pricing so, I’d really like to see more half boxes in a MAMBI sticker book.

2. A sports themed sticker book. I have mad love for the MAMBI sticker books and before the latest batch of sticker book releases, I had them all. Now I have three new books that I need to find and purchase so that my sticker book collection can be complete. There are all kinds of sticker books too. There’s a Mom book, a Teacher book, a Seasonal one, and a bunch of others but I find myself wanting more themed books. Like…one for sports. I want a sticker book with a bunch of sports related stickers. Full boxes with different sports sayings on them, pages full of the different sports balls, pages of score trackers, I think there are plenty of ideas for sports related stickers for the Happy Planner and I’m sitting over here…patiently waiting for MAMBI to come out with it.

3. A book nerd themed sticker book. Another idea that I have for a sticker book is a book nerd themed one. As you all know, I am a total book nerd. I’d love a sticker book catered to readers. It can have currently reading stickers, reading quote full box stickers, cute books and bookshelf stickers, rating stickers, weekly reading tracker stickers, little bookish icons, library bookish stickers, and well, you get the idea. This is one of my biggest wishes for MAMBI to make a reality.

So there you have it, three things that I am wishing for at the moment. I’m sure more things will make their way onto this wish list as time goes on but for now, I am hoping and praying that these things become a reality so that I can make these things mine. Sure, I can learn how to do my own stickers but meh…I can’t be arsed to learn or even buy the equipment to make my own stickers so I’m going to be over here, hoping and wishing for these things.

Are you a decorative planner? Which planner do you use? Do you have a running wish list of planner things you want? Share your wishlists in the comments!

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Happy New Year!

Posted January 1, 2017 by Rowena in Miscellaneous | 4 Comments

Happy New Year, my friends!

I hope that your 2016 was as amazing as I know you guys are and that you accomplished everything you set out to. If you didn’t accomplish everything, that’s okay cause I didn’t either. We’re in this together! Ha!

Haha, this is going to be me in the new year. I’m going to say no more and not feel bad about not helping out. Mostly at work since I’m already a bitch at home. 🙂

So for the rest of the day, I’m going to be like this:

And then at about 8:30 tonight, my old ass is going to be like this:

Haha. Whatever you end up doing tonight, have fun but be safe or as my sister likes to say, “Make wise choices” and I’ll ‘see you’ in 2017.


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My Life According to the Books I Read in 2016

Posted December 30, 2016 by Rowena in Miscellaneous | 5 Comments

One of my blogging buddies (who doesn’t blog all that much any more *sad face*) brought this book meme to my attention a few years ago and I used to do it all the time but stopped for…I don’t know what reason but I’m bringing it back because I feel like it.

The directions are simple. Using only titles from the books you read in 2016, complete the prompts below. Try not to repeat a book title.

My Life According to the Books I Read in 2016:

Describe yourself:
Good Girl by Lauren Layne

How do you feel:
Undecided by Juliana Keyes

Describe where you currently live:
Twisted Palace by Erin Watt

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
Back to You by Jessica Scott

Your favorite form of transportation:
Shadow Rider by Christine Feehan

Your best friend is:
The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

You and your friends are:
My Kind of Wonderful by Jill Shalvis

What’s the weather like:
Ruthless by Lexi Blake

What is life to you:
Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen

Favorite time of day:
One Snowy Night by Jill Shalvis

Your fear:
Midnight Captive by Elle Kennedy

What is the best advice you have to give:
Love the One You’re With by Lauren Layne

Thought for the day:
For Better or Worse by Lauren Layne

How I would like to die:
Play of Passion by Nalini Singh

My soul’s present condition:
Fully Ignited by Shannon Stacey

My family is:
The Goal by Elle Kennedy

Ha! I sure did have fun with that one. I giggled my way through working on that post so that shows how mature I’m being right now. Try it out on your blog and share your links in the comments. I’d love to see how this works out for all of you lovely bloggers out there.

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