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Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends out there and Happy Day to all of my non-American friends. 🙂 I’m probably stuffing my face right now when I’m supposed to be cooking or laughing myself sick because I’m with my family and that’s what I do with them so I hope everyone is enjoying their day with tons of food and surrounded by all of your loved ones.

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My L.A. Foodie Bucket List

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I live in a city that is filled to the brim with trendy restaurants, cafes, diners and just everything a foodie lover could want and I don’t take advantage of being so close to some of the best restaurants around. I’ve lived in Los Angeles County all of my life and as a creature of habit, I don’t venture very far from my comfort eating spots. I’m hoping to change that this year. I’ve been bugging my friends about starting up our foodie group again but well, one of my friends moved away and the rest of the group has chaotic schedules that it’s hard to get together often. Well, my schedule has opened way up with Brenna graduating and I have a lot of free time on my hands so…why not make a list of the trendy spots I want to try and then drag my friends with me on these foodie adventures? I will find a way to make it work and B Nice, Tasha, Hanah and Theresa? We’re going to be busy this year! Here’s a list of the stuff that I want to try before the year ends. 1. Magnolia Bakery (Banana Pudding) 2. Georgetown Cupcakes (Cupcakes) 3. Gus’ World Famous Fried Chicken (Fried Chicken and Pie) 4. Republique (Banana Cream Pie) 5. The Apple Pan (Apple Pie, Hickory Burger) 6. The Pie Hole (Pie) 7. Jongewaard’s Bake & Broil (Pie) 8. Cofax Coffee Shop (Chorizo Breakfast Burrito) 9. Dodger Stadium (Dodger Dog) 10. Honey Kettle (Fried Chicken) 11. Pink’s Hot Dogs (Hot Dog) 12. The Griddle Cafe (Pancakes) 13. Toast (Breakfast) 14. Nick’s Deli (Breakfast Burrito) 15. San Pedro’s Fish Market & Restaurant (Seafood) 16. Shake Shack (Something Borrowed) 17. Milk (Baked Goods) 18. The Loop (Churros) 19. Paradise Bowl (Acai Bowls) 20. Lemonade (Salad) I’m starting with 20 and then will add anything else that catches my fancy. I’ll also be tracking what we try out and maybe writing up a post about it or something. Should be fun. Have you guys tried any of these places? Anything that I should add to my foodie bucket list that isn’t there already?

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Graduations, Vegas & Future Planning

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As of June 21st, my kid is a high school graduate. It’s so weird to have registered for her college classes for the fall and to be dealing with grown folks business where she’s concerned because she’s my baby and yet this week, we’ve knocked out some pretty big things to get her ready for school next month. She’s off to Colorado for a few weeks to live it up until she has to come back home and buckle down. She’s got plans and I’m glad to see that she’s taking her future a lot more serious than I did when I was her age. Her to-do list is a mile long but she’s making it work. I’m doing a lot of hand-holding but I don’t mind because this is all new to her. Her graduation was nice, short and simple with not a lot of speakers that spoke for days and it kicked off with her Principal being a complete savage, making me laugh. He opened up the ceremony with, “For those of you who brought big balloons after we told you not to, tuck them in and keep them out of the way.” LOL! There was a good turnout, as always and I’m fortunate to have such a great family surrounding Brenna with such love and support, no matter how long we go without seeing each other. It’s always love when we’re together. Here’s a bunch of pictures from Bren’s graduation…
My Graduate Team Wilson Gang Bren, Me and Brenna’s boyfriend RJ My biggest headaches J Hong, Bren and Yusei (missing Kenna) So Cal Mustangs Crew The cutest little girls, Logan, Genna and Hunter Brenna, all lei’d up
On top of Brenna’s graduation, we had her cousins Kenna’s graduation from Redondo Union and her other cousin Makaela’s 8th grade promotion. So we were hecka busy making candy lei’s and trying not to lose any kids…ha! We did eat lots of tacos that week. This past weekend, we played in our final club team basketball tournament and while I was thrilled that we went undefeated in the tournament, a small part of me found the whole thing bittersweet because I didn’t want the weekend to end. The end of the weekend meant that we played in our last tournament as Mustangs. I’m still low key sad over that. Here are some pictures from our mini vacation for basketball purposes:
Ran into Lakers Rookie Kyle Kuzma at dinner on Friday night. Here’s the girls picture with him. Kainoa wanted in on this action so here’s his picture with Mr. Kuzma, who was in Vegas playing in the NBA Summer League Ran into some family in Vegas right after Kuzma left. Here we are with Jacob! Right before the Colorado crew went home after spending two weeks in California with us Turn up picture! Our last team picture together before everyone goes off to college. We finished out strong as only Mustangs can.
I’m going to miss this team. Brenna played for the same club since she first started playing basketball seriously. Only 5 girls from our original team played in this tournament but we’re planning on getting together one last time before the girls head off in different directions in the fall. Our coach was emotional at our team dinner Saturday night at the M Buffet (so good but so expensive) and it was just a lot of fun reminiscing over days long gone. Remembering games and players and practices and seeing the girls laugh and have fun playing the game they chose to play as kids. A lot of the girls had issues during their time playing for their high schools and this tournament was a reminder tournament for them. A tournament that gave them back the love of the game that was missing in the last four years, playing for different schools and different coaches. It was so good to see Brenna having fun playing basketball with her friends again. It was great to visit with old friends and chat with them over our kids future. Of the bunch that came to Vegas, only 3 are playing basketball in college. Some are going out of state to universities, some are going to state schools and hoping to walk on at their schools while some are staying home, attending the community college with plans to transfer. Brenna’s plans include playing basketball at the community college and then serving a mission when she turns 19. Ugh, I’m so freaking old.

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Three Things on My Happy Planner Wish List

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Thanks to Ames, I’m addicted to decorative planning. I’ve been decorative planning for over a year now and it’s an expensive addiction but I can’t seem to help myself. Every week, I’m eyeing every sale at Michaels in hopes that I can get something else on my never ending planner accessories wish list. I want it all and my bank account keeps laughing and laughing at me so needless to say, I don’t have all of the things…but I will. 🙂 My planner of choice is the classic Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI). Their planners are perfect for me. I love the designs of each month, the monthly currently pages, the weekly vertical layouts, and the disc bound system that they use. I hate spiral bound notebooks and planners because I hate having to write on Wednesday with the dumb spiral getting in my way. I love that with a Happy Planner, I can take the pages out and get my plan on MAMBI is also really good about supplying me with my favorite planner accessories. There are an accessory and expansion pack for a whole lot of stuff but they don’t have everything that I want so this post will serve as my wish list for the stuff I wish MAMBI would release. Here are the things that I want MAMBI to come out with… 1. Half Box (pictured right) and Full Box Stickers. I’m obsessed with these little half box stickers to note special activities that I have planned but the MAMBI sticker books don’t have a whole lot of them and not all of the ones that they do have are just regular, plain ol’ half and full boxes. The ones that I often see in the sticker books are boxes that say “To Do” or “To Buy” or “To Go” or whatever else. That’s what I want. Regular, plain ol’ half boxes and I’d like a whole page of just half boxes like they sell on Etsy. When I buy on Etsy, that gets expensive really quickly because you have to pay shipping on top of the already expensive per sheet pricing so, I’d really like to see more half boxes in a MAMBI sticker book. 2. A sports themed sticker book. I have mad love for the MAMBI sticker books and before the latest batch of sticker book releases, I had them all. Now I have three new books that I need to find and purchase so that my sticker book collection can be complete. There are all kinds of sticker books too. There’s a Mom book, a Teacher book, a Seasonal one, and a bunch of others but I find myself wanting more themed books. Like…one for sports. I want a sticker book with a bunch of sports related stickers. Full boxes with different sports sayings on them, pages full of the different sports balls, pages of score trackers, I think there are plenty of ideas for sports related stickers for the Happy Planner and I’m sitting over here…patiently waiting for MAMBI to come out with it. 3. A book nerd themed sticker book. Another idea that I have for a sticker book is a book nerd themed one. As you all know, I am a total book nerd. I’d love a sticker book catered to readers. It can have currently reading stickers, reading quote full box stickers, cute books and bookshelf stickers, rating stickers, weekly reading tracker stickers, little bookish icons, library bookish stickers, and well, you get the idea. This is one of my biggest wishes for MAMBI to make a reality. So there you have it, three things that I am wishing for at the moment. I’m sure more things will make their way onto this wish list as time goes on but for now, I am hoping and praying that these things become a reality so that I can make these things mine. Sure, I can learn how to do my own stickers but meh…I can’t be arsed to learn or even buy the equipment to make my own stickers so I’m going to be over here, hoping and wishing for these things. Are you a decorative planner? Which planner do you use? Do you have a running wish list of planner things you want? Share your wishlists in the comments!

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Basketball, It isn’t Everything

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Last week, I posted about Makenna’s kindergarten journal and that post made me laugh. Today’s post is about Makenna as well but this post made me cry. For those of you guys that don’t know, my family is a huge basketball family. It’s our favorite sport. Well, the girls anyway. We follow Lakers basketball. We follow college basketball. We follow high school basketball. If there is a basketball game on, we will watch it. Meghan probably has the worst because she can watch basketball all day and night long but you get the idea. The kids love to play Knock Out in the backyard that even my 70-year-old Dad participates in from time to time. Ever since our girls were in fourth grade, it’s been basketball, basketball, basketball. We played on a club team that played year round so every weekend, we were traveling all over Southern California playing against other teams. They’ve learned everything there is to know about basketball and the one thing on their mind was to get better, to work harder, to make the basketball team once they got to high school. First and foremost on their mind during a game, was to help their team win and we have won a lot of games. Winning has always been the goal. Last month, Kenna’s basketball team traveled across the country to play in the Diamond State Classic in Delaware. As part of the tournament, each team adopted a kid and Kenna’s team adopted Aryn. Aryn is a young girl who has been living with Leukemia and before her trip, Kenna went to buy some stuff that she thought Aryn would enjoy.
Their team was featured in the local newspaper and reading the article brought warmth to my heart because while basketball is great and all, it’s not everything and it’s good to see young girls embracing the importance of life outside of basketball.

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